Sunday lunch in HK Choi by Choi Garden

My visit: July 17, 2011

H.K. Choi by Choi Garden
2nd floor Mega Atrium
SM Megamall
4704233   3827757   3941070

DH and I usually go to the gym on weekends. After punishing ourselves on the treadmill and StairMaster for a good 1 to 2 hours, naturally, we have to reward ourselves after. H. K. Choi has always been the favorite choice of Chinese restaurant in SM Megamall by DH. 

The restaurant is always teeming with people. I think it was two weeks ago that we occupied one of the tables set up outside of the restaurant. We were luckier last weekend because in spite of the reservations made by others in this restaurant, we were able to seat inside. 

House Special Taho small PhP140

Taho has to be ordered way in advance to allow the restaurant to prepare it. Upon seating, we always order this and just ask the waiter to come back for our main entree. 

Taho is a Philippine delicacy made of silken tofu topped with sago (pearls) and arnibal (caramelized brown sugar). 

The consistency of the brown sugar varies each time we visited the restaurant. Sometimes it is lacking in sweetness but yesterday it was perfect. An order can serve up to six people according to the waiter. We were only two but we still managed to finish everything lol

wonton noodle soup PhP150

Wonton Noodle soup is DH's order. An order has a stalk of pechay (Chinese cabbage), wonton and lots of noodles in piping hot soup. Order this specially on a rainy day.

Wonton is a type of dumpling filled with spiced minced pork found in Chinese cuisine.

Portuguese Chicken Bake Rice PhP240

This order reminds me of Taipei Milk King's (TMK) bake rice which I frequently order when I am in Taiwan. If it can only add cheese on top then it would be so deliciously good!

An order is huge enough for two people. We even have some left to take home. DH and I had it as our baon in the office today. It's still yummy.

taosi spareribs PhP90

I was surprised to find taro mix on the plate together with spareribs. The taro was a bit dry but it was nonetheless a welcome treat for taro lovers like DH.

pan fried radish cake PhP90

Three huge squares of radish was on the plate. It was toasted outside and a bit soggy inside. It was not the best radish cake that I have tasted because I had to dip it in the hoisin sauce. Gloria Maris serves better radish cake.

Other orders that are a must try in this restaurant are hot prawn salad (PhP320), vegetable with vermicelli in soup (PhP220) and sliced beef with ampalaya (PhP240).

The service is quite fast and efficient. If this isn't a good restaurant, my DH would not be coming back week after week. 

Have a blessed week ahead!