After dinner at Chocolate Fire

My visit: July 21, 2011

Chocolate Fire
A World Full of Pure Creativity
PDCP Building
Corner of Leviste and Rufino Sts.,
Salcedo Village, Makati
8403473   8400808

After having a pretty expensive dinner at Apartment 1B, the super friends walked an entire block or was it two (?) to our next foodie stop, Chocolate Fire. 

fondue for 2 PhP750

The good looking manager assisted us girls in picking out our favorite chocolates. Too bad taking photos of the chocolates on display is not allowed. Don't ask me why, ok?

As my kumare gushed to every chocolate that the "good looking" manager pointed at, we ended up ordering more than we could eat hahaha

We ordered one fondue for starters. The 8 of us shared an order consisting of two warm melted Belgian chocolate- milk and dark, a few match box size chiffon slices, wafer, mallows, bananas and strawberries.

 Chocolate Fire

All of us girls were wearing black that night. This photo was taken before we enter the "charming" lounge. Each one of us received Dipped Pringles in milk chocolate from the manager ; p

Below are the photos I took of chocolate dipped in...

... marshmallows

... chiffon cake

... banana

and strawberry

It was pure chocolate heaven!

blueberry sticks PhP35

So you think we had enough? No, we ordered 8 blueberry sticks, one for each of us. Juicy blueberry in every bite!

 pitted prune PhP228

As if the fondue and blueberry sticks were not enough to have a chocolate overload, our plate was filled with what else? chocolate! This time with prunes inside... pure chocolate bliss. 

pitted prune dipped in chocolate

 ginger nut bark PhP144

Jasmine tea with honey PhP115

DH ordered a teapot of Jasmin tea. It came with honey on the side. 

 banana blob PhP120

Could you imagine 8 people sharing a piece of banana blob? We managed hehe It was simply divine.

 hot mocha mug with milk chocolate decaf Php125

Ehem! This is my mug of hot mocha decaf with milk chocolate. I thought that the smaller cup was not enough so I ordered a mug. Turned out that the order was too much for me. It's a chocolate overload for me. Rich chocolate-y taste. I would have enjoyed it more if drank alone and didn't order eat the other chocolate stuff. Time to shed off some pounds!!

truffles PhP50, soft center Belgian praline PhP55 and liquor Belgian Praline PhP65

We ordered Soft Center Belgian Praline in Strawberry Creme and Peppermint Creme. Dark truffle was also in order for the night.

look at our smiles

I love enjoying good food with friends!

our group of 8

We miss another couple, Jen and Mhon, that night. I hope we can organize a mystery dinner soon! Good food is best shared with super friends hehehe