Why I love Hong Kong: Toilet, Milk, Char Siu & Share Tea!

In the Philippines, you have to pay for the use of toilet with basic amenities such as tissue paper, alcohol and lotion. In Hong Kong, every single most toilet looks like the one in the picture below!

disposable toilet seat cover, alcohol and toilet paper

In other countries like Taiwan, toilet papers are provided even in toilets that needs you to squat on the floor ; p I wonder why we can't do it?

I love Hong Kong because...

Lung Shing Cosmetics in Granville, Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong has this huge store called Lung Shing Dispensary that housed inexpensive branded cosmetic products that you can give away to your friends as pasalubong!

tram car and pedestrian lane

I heart it when countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong give so much importance on pedestrian lanes. I can't even cross the streets here unless accompanied by another person or I just go along with other pedestrians who are crossing the street.

a bottle of pasteurized milk from The Kowloon Dairy, LTD.

Even abroad, I still find milk in convenience stores or supermarkets. I love, love that the milk here came in glass bottles!

breakfast around the corner of Causeway Bay

On our last day, we discovered a stall selling freshly cooked noodles and dumplings right around the corner of Causeway Bay.

piping hot noodles


pan fried pork dumplings

I have to say that Taiwan's version of pan fried dumplings and its sauce is way better than Hong Kong's.

Share Tea

Oh, lookey! Share Tea is here too. Just beside the noodle and dumpling house!

Guang Dong BBQ Restaurant

On our way to the airport, we passed by this restaurant named Guang Dong BBQ Restaurant. I went inside even though DH wanted to go straight to Citygate Outlets before heading to the airport.

roast pork (lechon macau)

tissues, chopsticks and tooth picks in a drawer under the table

char siu

I have been craving for char siu since our first day in Hong Kong. I thought that I can finally have a satisfying meal before leaving but this char siu order was sliced so thick that the inner portion became tasteless.

Cafe de Coral's char siu

And just before we board the plane, I saw Cafe de Coral. I have to order one last char siu before heading home ; p

This entry completes my Hong Kong travelogue! I hope you enjoyed reading my entries!

Now, where do I go next?