Veda Spa in Anvaya Cove on a gloomy day!

Drenched! That is the best word that I can think of to describe my first day in Anvaya because it was raining the whole day. But my friends and I didn't mind the gloomy weather, after all, we were there to have a relaxing vacation. 

one of the many pools in Anvaya Cove 

Two of my friends and I decided to have a massage after dinner in Veda Spa- the in- center spa facility of Anvaya Cove. We scheduled it around 8:30 pm. We were advised to go to the center fifteen minutes prior to the appointed time to register, change clothing and relax prior to the treatment.

caught this wave that afternoon and just wanted to share

I didn't dare swim at the beach that afternoon but I took this photo just so you can see the waves coming right at us. My friends were telling me to be careful with my camera because it might get wet. I am so close to waters rushing in. 

locker adjacent to sauna room on the left

Back to Veda Spa, I informed the receptionist that I will be using the sauna before my massage. My timing was perfect! No one was in the area so I have the facilities all for myself!

shower/ dressing room

I took a quick shower and entered the sauna. The heat was not as intense as I wanted it to be so I stayed there for only 10 minutes because it was just turned on.

my friend in the powder area

My friends soon arrived. We all changed into robes and slippers provided by the spa. But then masseuse told me not to use the slippers provided for walking because the grass was still damp from the afternoon rain.

The distance from the shower area to the massage room was a few minutes walk. It was dark that night so I just followed the masseuse to take me to oasis hehehe

In- Center private treatment room

Two of us availed of Swedish Massage (PhP750). My other friend availed of Foot Relaxation Treatment  (PhP700).

Swedish Massage (60 min.)- Long Soothing strokes using aromatic oils to relieve muscle aches for relaxation. Best after a hard day's wok or strenuous activity like sports, workouts, dancing and swimming.

Available in Hut (PhP600) and Casitas (PhP950).

Foot relaxation Treatment (60 min.)- A foot and lower leg treatment designed to imporve the mobility of ankles and feet by stimulating blood flow. The application of a detoxifying clay mask infuses selected oils to relax and refresh tired feet. 

Only available in the spa lounge.

photo taken with my other friend after the treatment at the spa lounge

Inside my private room, I can hear the splashing of wave drowned by the pipe- in music. My face was securely place on a cushioned face rest and my hand on a hand rest. I want to tell you more about the massage but I was half asleep the whole time lol

Orly mini nail lacquer in Cha Cha

Before I end, let me share with you my nail polish color Cha Cha Cha, a part of the Orly mani mini nail polish collection. As you can see in the photo above, the color have a tendency to darken one's skin tone but I still love it on me! You know me, I love anything with bright colors that stands out in the crowd ; p

I swam, ate, had a relaxing massage and bonded with friends. Aah... that's enjoying life to the fullest!