Del Monte Fit 'n Right Challenge and The Science of Sexy!

My event: November 15, 2011

Del Monte Fit 'n Right
Science of Sexy
One Rockwell
Rockwell Center

You might be asking why I posted a photo of Rovilson Fernandez as the first photo for this entry, it's because he personifies healthiness. He is lean and fit. Of course, you can't see all the muscles I'm talking about because he is wearing a hooded sweatshirt ; p

with Rovilson Fernandez- model

Going back to the program, let me share with you what I have learned from the Del Monte Fit 'n Right event dubbed as The Science of Sexy. It all started with a unique invite I received- 6 vials of flavored juices placed in a wooden stand. It piqued my curiosity so I confirmed my attendance right away. 

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Three booths were set-up upon entering the venue.  One for fashion designer Rajo Laurel, another one for Raul Banzon, fitness expert and last but not the least, The Sexy Chef's booth.

Rajo Laurel- Fashion Designer

After I was introduced to Rajo Laurel, I was whisked away inside the dressing room where two ladies got my body measurements. Uh, oh! That was an uneasy feeling. I was not prepared for it. 

I was probably looking perplexed when I came out of the dressing room because Rajo asked me if I was used to having my body measured. I politely replied, no. He explained that some women are scared to be measured-  me included! He assured me that there is nothing to be scared about. In fact, having your body measured let's you know what is happening to your body. Hmm, yeah, I gained weight- a lot! Eeep!

with Raul Banzon- Fitness Expert

Now that I know my measurements, what do I have to do?! I was told that I have to drop by on all three booths so I went to Raul's booth next because he looked very friendly. I went into another room and there was a weighing scale waiting for me... yikes!

I have a confession to make, ever since I gained a lot of weight, I don't go up the weighing scale anymore. So, what happened inside the weighing room was probably a first after so many months. Alright, I went up the scale- an intelligent scale- because it not only tells your weight but  also your body fat percentage. My body fat percentage was 28.5%. Apparently, my result is average body fat percentage for women my age. Knowing what I know, I heaved a sigh of relief. But I still think that I'm 15 pounds overweight! Gaah!

Sexy Chef's Barni Alejandro

My last stop was The Sexy Chef's booth. I got to personally speak with Ms. Barni Alejandro. She explained that for my height and weight I have to consume 1200 kcal/ day to lose weight. Aack! 

Fish with Black Bean Sauce & Chinese Fried Rice (349 calories)

I took the photo above on top of the table setting. It's a sample of what The Sexy Chef is offering to clients who want to lose weight. She delivers food right at your doorstep! The food prepared was appetizing! It doesn't look and feel like you are on a diet.

Caesar Salad


not your ordinary maki

Salad, beef and maki were served to us. I didn't know that we can choose balsamic vinaigrette as salad dressing or I would have opted for that. Anyway, the salad was yummy! I ate all the beef plus three maki. There goes my initial diet plan lol

program host Tricia Chiongbian and Jino Rufino

Moving on with the program, it started immediately after we had our lunch. Tricia Chiongbian and Jino Rufino cracked me up with their hosting skills. 

Ms. Barni Alejandro of The Sexy Chef on how to lose weight

So what is The Science of Sexy?

Calories Consumed   -    Calories Burned   = FAT
    (food we eat)         -        (exercise)          = fat accummulation

With that in mind, we need to exercise more to burn more fat and lose weight or eat fewer calories. 

 (l-r) with Clars Guerrero- Del Monte Category Manager were Barni Alejandro, Raul Banzon & Rajo Laurel

Did you know that the recommended rate of weight loss is just 1-2 pounds per week? You can do this by inserting a 30 minute workout or just by lessening daily rice intake by half.

Raul Banzon talks about Health & Fitness

Don't forget to always check your body fat percentage and don't be afraid to measure your waist line!

Hiroshi Okuda & Jana Fife- both are winners of Del Monte Fit 'n Right Challenge

Now to help you lose weight, here is where Fit 'n Right comes in! Tagged as Weight Loss in a Bottle, Del Monte Fit 'n Right, helps the body block calories from sugar and burn fat. Each bottle contains Green Coffee Extract and L- Carnitine. GCE is a natural ingredient taken from unroasted green coffee beans. Take note that this ingredient is not present in coffee which we drink everyday because it has already been roasted. Recommended consumption is once a day!

Fit 'n Right flavors- Apple, Pineapple, Four Seasons, Pineapple Orange and Watermelon

GCE reduces our caloric intake by partially blocking our body's absorption of sugar. The less sugar our body absorbs, the less excess calories that can turn into fat. As our bodies absorb less calories than it needs to burn for physical activity, existing body fat is also reduced. The effectiveness of GCE has also been measured. A clinical study shows that with daily consumption of GCE, there is a significant reduction in fat vs. L- Carnitine alone and vs. diet and exercise alone.

Before the program ended, the guests were asked if we want to take the Del Monte Fit 'n Right Challenge. I guess if you are following me on FaceBook or Twitter, you should know by now that I have accepted the challenge. As I am typing this I have already had my initial weigh in and I was already able to go to the gym 4 times doing cardio and lifting some weights. My goal is not to win the challenge- because for me winning is not everything- but to get fitter and healthier! With your encouragement and my will power, I know I can do this!

Del Monte Fit 'n Right is available in all leading supermarkets for only PhP23.