Instant Flawless Matte Result with Z-PORE!

Hello Beauties!

For those of you who have been waiting for a product review, I am so sorry to keep you waiting ; ( I promise this product review is worth the wait!

GoodSkin Labs Z- Pore 20ml PhP1600

GoodSkin Labs recently launched Z-Pore Instant Pore Refiner to the Philippine market. I am lucky to get a sample a few months back!

GoodSkin Labs (GSL) is known for targeting skin problem with instant result, just look at my mom's before and after photo using Tri-Aktiline in this post.

Read after the break and see for yourself my before and after photos using Z-Pore...

before using Z-Pore
When Rizel of GSL introduced this product, I was imagining what would be my post like. I can see myself taking photos of my nose ; p It's a bit challenging but I managed my way through it. 
The photo you see above was taken this morning after taking a shower without any alterations. It was uploaded straight out from my cam. Well, except for my watermark, of course!
Notice how shiny oily my nose is. Actually, my whole T- Zone is oily. You can see large pores too! 
instant result just with just this little amount of product
I gently squeezed the product out of the tube and took only a teeny weeny size of it. I gently rubbed the product between my fingertips. It has a velvety smooth feel to it. Then I applied it directly on the tip of my nose stroking upward to cover large pores.
after Z-Pore application

Z-Pore promises instant result! Doesn't my nose- especially the tip of my nose- looked photoshopped?! hahaha That's what Z-Pore does! It refines the look of pores, controls oil and reduces shine.

To be honest, I was hesitant to try this product because I know that it has silicone in it. I emailed Rizel right away to address my concern and she emailed me this reply...

"Z-Pore does feature silicone polymers but according to Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, this product is still lightweight that skin can still breathe. In addition, ingredients such as Vitamin E makes the formulation non drying minus clogging of pores."

I recommend this product for people who wants instant result because it targets the problem area and shows visible result in an instant giving you a matte finish all day long. Use this after applying serum and before sunblock. 

TIP: Just a little application of the product goes a long way. Lest you want to look chalky, do not apply a lot of product in one area. I had the mistake of doing just that on my first application and my nose area became scaly ; p

Aside from the benefit above, I like the product because it's unscented. I don't want putting scented products on my face. Scented products are only reserve for my body ; )
Z- Pore is made in Belgium. Available in all SM Department Stores for only PhP1600.