Merienda at Chef Laudico's BFAST

My visit: October 14, 2011

Chef Laudico's BFAST
Space #3 Restaurants @ Ayala Triangle Gardens, 
Ayala Ttriangle Garden
Ayala Avenue, Makati City

I have read about Chef Laudico's BFAST from a blog but I rarely go to Makati so I never had a chance to try the restaurant. My one and only chance was the day of my sister's graduation. I was with my parents and I was keen on sampling the menu of the restaurant.

 Angus Tapa PhP168

I suppose it was a slow day because only one other table was occupied when we entered at around 3 in the afternoon.  It was humid outside and even inside the restaurant despite the fact that one air con was running. The management's solution was to open the other air conditioner but even that didn't help. We were still sweating and had to get out of the restaurant immediately after our meal.

On with the food... I ordered an Angus tapa. It was served on a red plastic plate. A third of the beef was fat. It was chewy. The egg was cooked well though.

 BFAST Champorado PhP88

Champorado was my mom's order. She said that it reminded her of churros' chocolate dip we used to order in Dulcinea. Their version of champorado is thick, rich chocolate topped with rice crispers.

Champorado is a sticky porridge mixed with sweet chocolate and topped with milk and dried fish. 

 Christmas Salad PhP148

Dad ordered Christmas salad. It consists of greens, ham, egg and nuts topped with grated queso de bola.

interior of the restaurant

If only the air conditioner is functioning well, we could have stayed and ordered more because the food is inexpensive. How I wish the waiter and/or the kitchen staff were attentive enough to notice that the Christmas salad was lacking in nuts, eggs and even bits of ham when it was initially served to us. It was my dad who pointed it out to the waiter who quickly managed to go back to the kitchen. 

We went to Starbucks immediately after for coffee instead ; p Good air conditioning is a must when dining out, right?