Color changes in an instant with FreshLook ColorBlends in Turquoise

By now, you must have read about my entry about one of the four eye catching colored lens (Gemstone Green) brought to you by FreshLook ColorBlends. If not, read here

 FreshLook ColorBlends in Turquoise

It has been a month since I opened it and now I already opened another pair. Find out what happened after the break.

 FreshLook ColorBlends in Gemstone Green

You read about ode to my mother in law, right? I have not touched my old lenses since mid October. When I opened it last October 25, the photo above appeared before me ; ( Apparently, my lens case with the lenses still inside it got knock off by our househelp while cleaning the bathroom. In the process, the solution spilled. I ended up with dry as rock contact lenses... boo hoo!
cheers to my newly opened contact lens

With lesson learned the hard way, I constantly check on my lenses now by seeing to it that I filled the container with an appropriate amount of solution and placing the container away from my maid hahaha

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