Unboxing: The Body Shop 4- Step Smoky Eyes Silver Black (01)

I am so excited to share with you a part of The Body Shop's Winter 2011 collection. It's all about Smoke & Sparkle, baby!  Without further ado, I am presenting to you...

4- Step Smoky Eye Palette in Silver Black PhP1, 495

The box contains:

  • 4- colour eye palette 
  • Eye definer in Black 01
  • Eye colour brush

 eye definer shade in black; eye colour blush

The eye definer is easy to use and apply just line and off you go. It can be used as base for your smoky eye or as an eye liner. It is made in UK.

The brush is so soft to touch. I love it! The design of the brush is the same as the big brushes that I bought from the same company. You can imagine the smile on my face when I saw how cute it was because it fits right in the compact case. I love terno brushes!

 fits my palm perfectly

After carefully removing the seal on the box, out came the sleek, black case with mirrored design at the bottom with The Body Shop logo on the lower left portion. Just give the case a slight push in the middle and the compact opens to show 4 perfect colors to create everything you need for smoky, sparkly eyes! Mirror included ; p

4 colours in ice white base, charcoal black shadow, marble grey shadow & silver highlighter

I will surely be using a lot of the silver highlighter on the brow bone, then some marble grey shadow on the shape of my eyeball and oh, charcoal black shadow for smudging with ice white as base, of course! this is one palette that will be on my favorite list. Who knows I might bring it with me when I travel out of the country this holiday season ; p

 color swatches (l-r) charcoal black, marble grey, ice white, silver highlighter

The highlighter cannot be seen in the photo because it is translucent ; (

Before I forget, at the back of the box, is a step- by- step instruction on how to create that perfect smoky eye look. Isn't that great?

final result of the smoke and sparkle eye makeup

Yes, after the one on one Bobbi Brown makeover, I had another smoky eye makeup courtesy of The Body Shop. Now, who does it better? Bobbi Brown? Or The Body Shop? Watch out for my next post so you can compare and decide. 

Also available in Golden Brown palette. For other products in the Winter Collection, visit the The Body Shop