GS Plaza Hotel Korea

My visit: December 25, 2011

1060-1 BangChon-Dong, 
Dong-Gu, Daegu, Korea

On our first and second night in Korea, I was disappointed to see the twin beds in our room. For our third night, I specifically asked Mike, our Korean tour guide, to request for one huge bed for DH & I- think king sized bed. But what we got is this---> a double bed from GS Plaza Hotel; p 

double bed... waaaaaaah!

The bed was way too small for the two of us! We could have fit in if we were model thin lol We were better off with twin beds but I have a hard time sleeping alone. I was hoping we could at least sleep on a queen sized bed that night; p We could not change rooms because the hotel was fully booked on Christmas day ; (

our room

Oh, well, at least this hotel have free in- room internet. Our room looks bigger because our bed was tiny. You can borrow the hair dryer which you see on top of the table from the reception area otherwise, there is no hair dryer inside the room.

You can see an LCD TV in the photo but no 3-in-1 coffee in sight ; ( Breakfast is included  though.

hurray! for the extra pillow!

I think this room is intended for one person only. Why? Because there is only one bathrobe ; p

personal ref with free 2 water bottles

saving grace... heated toilet seat!

Thank goodness for 2 sets of towels. This room is intended for 2 persons after all lol The best place in this room is the heated toilet seat hahaha We can't read Korean so we didn't know how to work the other buttons lol When we arrived the toilet seat was heated already. It must be automatic ; p

sunrise as seen in our room

This is our third hotel, the worst is yet to come! So, come back for more of my Korean entry!