New find: Cuisinier Bistro Culinary Studio

My visit: January 7, 2012

Cuisinier Bistro & Culinary Studio
G/F The Richwell Center 
102 Timog Ave., Sacred Heart, Quezon City
4265872   09178282433

One of Wilson's closest friends is back in town and we decided to treat him and his girl somewhere special. On the day that they agreed to meet, we drove around Tomas Morato area scouting for a new place to eat when we remembered the French restaurant we often passed by whenever we go to Trinoma. We decided to check out... Cuisinier. 

It was around 5:30pm when we entered the restaurant to check out the menu. The menu is pretty impressive and immediately I have my eyes set on lamb ribs. The price is just right, inexpensive than most of the fine dining restaurants that we have been to. The only risk we got to take is the taste because this is our first visit.

 parsley crusted lamb ribs PhP670

Quezon City restaurants have one main problem- parking but that is not the case for Cuisinier because it has its own gated parking area at the back along Sct. Rallos St. That made DH finalized his decision to reserved a table for 4 that night. 

Of course, I ordered my favorite lamb ribs. An order has two pieces of lamb chops. This dish is crunchy on the outside. I wish the meat could be more tender though. I completely forgot about mint sauce because the lamb itself was good enough for me. It comes with a serving of gravy though.



While waiting for our orders to arrive, a loaf of bread and an herb dipping sauce were served to us. See the generous parmesan cheese? I <3 it! I don't know if we can ask for seconds.

 soupe a l'oignon PhP190

It was my first time to try an onion soup, yeah, I know right? So, upon tasting the sweet onion soup, I asked if that's how the soup should taste like, all three of them said "yes!" The soupe a l'oignon in the photo is actually just half of an order because we requested to split the order into two. 

 steak salad PhP380

Steak Salad- seared prime choice beef, mixed greens tomatoes and grape balsamic dressing

 Misticanza PhP385

Misticanza-mesclun with foie gras, scallops and smoked salmon served with apple and figs compote

We liked the taste of Misticanza than the steak salad. There is only one scallop in the salad but there were several strips of salmon which are mostly at the bottom. The foie gras is so small that you might miss it if you blink. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about tasting it but you all know about DH's convincing power so, yes, now I can say that I have tasted foie gras.

 poulet en cazuela PhP340

Poulet en cazuela (good for sharing)- chicken thigh in creamy white wine sauce topped with potato gratin

The words "Good for sharing" caught our eyes so we ordered one plus Grant, DH's friend, eats only chicken. Think carbonara but instead of pasta, you get chicken instead in this dish called poulet en cazuela. And yes, all four of us were able to taste this dish. 

 Moroccan lamb stew PhP550

Moroccan lamb stew- stewed lamb in melange of herbs and spices

This dish reminded me of Hossein's Mache Polo. It came out last and I was not able to enjoy and savour this dish. Well, it's just my reason to go back to this restaurant ; p

dining out with friends on a Saturday night

Food presentation wise, I have seen better- Celsius. Overall, I will recommend this restaurant for dinner dates. The servers were efficient. The food came out pretty slow but that would allow you more time to talk to each other.

We did have a great night ; ) And I love the color of my hair! Woot!