Korea Chronicle: Everland Winter Wonderland

My visit: December 26, 2011

Day 4


After nature tripping, skiing & apple wine making, we went to Korea's biggest playground, Everland Resort. I am so excited even if I despised thrill rides! I am like a kid in wonderland!

Welcome to Everland!

Our tour guide did not follow the sequence written in our itinerary. Instead of going to Everland on the fifth day, we went on the fourth day. We didn't mind as long as we visit every place written in our itinerary ; p

 another Korea BBQ restaurant

Before we went to Everland, we stopped by another Korean BBQ restaurant. Chicken and pork bbq was on the menu. The kids in our group were delighted to eat chicken!

 chicken & pork bbq

chef of the day

Korean bbq chicken

 We ate so much korean bbq on our trip!

back in the bus

The weather was really cold... brrrr! DH who is accustomed to cold weather used two bonnets in this photo. 



Express roller coaster

Express is the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. DH wanted to try it out but due to time constraint, he was not able to ride it. Waiting time for most rides is 1 hour... waaah!

 Double Rock Spin

watching the ride makes me dizzy

Everland has a Q PASS system. It reserves you a spot to any ride at a given time. There is no waiting in line. 

photo op with Everland mascot

 Pororo Adventure

Everland has First Aid, Lockers, Stroller/ Wheelchair Rentals, Picnic Area, Lost  Found, Nursing/ Diaper Change Area, Smoking Area, ATMs/ Currency Exchange Booth, Telephone and Restroom strategically located in the area.

 Nutcracker's Pop up Adventure

 very colorful backdrop

love to bite into this!

Some rides are excluded in The One Day Pass like animal rides, movies, special exhibitions and coin- operated rides.

DH & I riding Human Sky

 Human Sky

Human Sky is a visitor's facility that transfers riders from Global Fair to Zoo- Topia and back. The ride can carry 2 to 3 pax at a time.

Safari World

the only ride we were allowed to enter ; p

"This is a must see attraction!" said our guide, Mike.

inside a caged bus... rawr!

Inside Safari World, wild animals roam freely while humans stay inside a caged bus ; p 

 lovely photo by DH

 another one captured by DH's camera

bear up close

I shot this one

and this too

watch a walking bear

papa bear

wearing stuffed animals lol

W2000 cotton candy & spicy chicken 

I need sugar! lol It's fun in Everland because I get to be a kid again eating cotton candy!

DH & I

Some rides have minimum height requirement while others need adult supervision. 

my peg is KC in her Bayo ad 


Sadly, we were not able to see the parade and the Live Pop up Adventure because we only stayed for 3 hours ; ( Perhaps another reason to go back?

Next post is all about Nanta Show!