Sarangani Bay-The Winter Wonderland of Asia

Did you know that once the fish are out of water, bacteria growth and decomposition creeps in due to increase in body temperature? 

Sarangani Bay-the best bangus

Well, that is not going to happen inside the Sarangani Bay complex because Alson Aquaculture Corp. (AAC) has the largest & full-integrated farm-to-market Bangus processing operation in the country. While others are mere processors of bangus (those who do not own processing plants and those who buy bangus at wet markets), AAC has its own fish hatchery, grow-out ponds, sea cages & processing plant all within the complex. This means that from hatching of eggs to fry to growing them out to ponds to harvesting and sorting to processing of full grown fish, you can be assured of end-to-end quality control from Sarangani Bay. It also means that they are a much more reliable supplier of premium quality fish.

By  freezing, bacterial growth can be instantaneously stopped. The fishes stay packed on ice while awaiting process. After deboning, bangus are immediately placed in a vacuum-sealed packed and blast frozen to lock in the fresh flavor and texture of newly harvested fish. 

Due to long travel time and high cost of ice, wet market fishes have already started bacterial growth even before the fish reaches the market making them no longer fresh. 

If ever you have a dream of experiencing winter in the Philippines, visit Sarangani Bay where you can have your very own winter wonderland! Ice processing plant in Sarangani Bay can produce as much as 11,000 tons of ice each year. That's exactly how much ice is used to preserve the quality and freshness of bangus that are grown and harvested in Sarangani Bay. See you there!

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