Via Mare Cafe Express And Oyster Bar in Shangri-la Plaza

May 27, 2012

Via Mare Cafe Express And Oyster Bar
Unit IS-10 Shangrila Plaza Shopping Mall
EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City

Last weekend, my family and I were in Shangri-la Plaza Mall. A Sunday trip to a mall is not complete without dining inside one of the fancy restaurants for merienda.

Puto Bumbong PhP70

Via Mare is a popular choice among us siblings. It's a no-brainer to pick this restaurant every time we crave for our favorite Filipino kakanin like Puto Bumbong (shown in the photo above).

Puto Bumbong- A variation of steamed rice cake. Traditionally made from a special variety of heirloom glutinous rice called Pirurutong which ahs a distinctly purple color, soaked in salted water and dried overnight and then poured into bumbong or bamboo tubes and then steamed until the steam rises out of the bamboo tubes. It is usually served topped withe butter or margarine and shredded coconut mixed with sugar.

We order Puto Bumbong every time we dine in Via Mare. In fact, we like this way better than bibingka, another steamed rice cake variation, that Via Mare is well-known for.

Palitaw PhP45

Ordering palitaw brings back my childhood memories when I was still in elementary. I always buy palitaw from the neighborhood maglalako. Of course, it was cheaper then, a peso for a piece hehehe 

Palitaw-is a small, flat, sweet rice cake. It is made of sticky rice which are washed, soaked and then ground. Scoops of the batter are dropped into boiling water where they float tot he surface as flat discs-an indication that they're done. When served, the flat discs are dip in grated coconut, and presented with a separate dip made of sugar and toasted sesame seeds. 

Lumpia Toge PhP70

We ordered Lumpia Toge for the first time. It was crunchy and filled with mung bean sprouts. I seldom get to eat these type of bean at home because I don't know how to cook it hehe 

Lumpia Togue is a variation of spring roll but instead of meat, mung bean sprouts are used. Best when dipped in vinegar.

Oyster Rockefeller PhP345

The oysters are tiny. If you want a real oyster experience, drop by Delish Restaurant because it serves better oyster than Via Mare. Delish's oysters are flown fresh daily. 

Pork Tocino  PhP280

Another one of my all time favorite-silog, Pork Tocino. It is a staple in Filipino restaurants' menu along with Tapsilog (tapa-sinangag-itlog) and Longsilog (longanisa-sinangag-itlog). 

sago't gulaman PhP42

brewed coffee PhP65

To wash down the grease and calorie-filled food, we ordered 2 brewed coffee for my parents and a tall glass of sago't gulaman.

Now that I have shared where I get my puto bumbong craving fixed, care to share where is your favorite Filipino restaurant?

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