Yukinohana Restaurant in Timog Quezon City

September 8, 2012

Timog,  Quezon City

It was supposed to be just our usual Saturday date night but as the night progressed, my ulcer was killing me. It started about a month ago but got worse on Thursday so I was not able to enjoy the Nail Sparty brought by Max Factor. By Saturday night, I was throwing up, I have no energy left within me so I just cried until I fell sleep.

 Pork Soy Grill PhP 450

Anyway, everything happened right after dinner that Saturday. Hours before that, I was feeling fine. After office, DH and I, as usual, were looking for a new place to eat. I suggested Hwa Roro and Yoogane. Hwa Roro is a new Korean BBQ buffet restaurant but we just came from Serenitea's new branch in Tomas Morato for afternoon snack so we thought we would visit this restaurant some other time. We moved to Yoogane in Il Terrazzo. We were actually already seated inside Yoogane but for some reason, DH decided to leave the restaurant.

Then we spotted Yukinohana in Timog, Quezon City. At first, we thought it was a Japanese restaurant because as DH parked the car, a man wearing a traditional costume was by the door. It must be an authentic Japanese restaurant or so we thought ; p

The same man lets us choose where to seat as he hand over the menu. My stomach was already growling from hunger. Perusing the menu, apparently, this is a Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant ; p The man is not even Japanese, he is Korean lol He is not even the cook, for goodness' sake!

Pork Soy Grill, the one shown in the photo above, came out last. At that point, I was already feeling queasy. We have no choice but to take home the entire dish.

I was able to taste it the next day. It tasted exactly like the Chinese staple, char siu (barbecued meat). It was sweet and tender.

More after the break...

 steamed egg

 creamed corn

 salmon kimchi

Because this is a Korean restaurant, we were served 3 banchan (Korean appetizers) - creamed corn, steamed egg and salmon kimchi. Steamed egg topped with chopped spring onion is the same as tim neng in Chinese cuisine minus the mushroom and ground pork. Salmon kimchi has 2 slices of cooked salmon and 2 slices of radish. Creamed corn tasted like cream of corn ; p

 salmon sushi PhP 490

An order includes 10 pieces of salmon sushi. DH said these salmon are of good quality. It was melt in your mouth kind of salmon. He was happy so I guess the PhP 490 we paid was worth it.

Spicy Seafood Udon PhP 480

Everything that we ordered came out in huge grilling plate. Spicy Seafood Udon is actually good for 2 to 3 persons. It has a generous serving of clams, mussels, mud crab and fish cakes. The noodle is not al dente. According to DH this soup is really, really spicy, I dare not slurp the soup lest I want my stomach to suffer in pain.

The remaining half of the soup is still inside our refrigerator ; p Nobody dares to eat it hahaha We wanted something authentic but that Korean guy surely was able to deceive us lol By the way, the cook is pinoy. He is good though.

No service charge.

I can't say I am better now. This week, I only went out once to do some grocery shopping. Yesterday, I took it upon myself to organize our clothes in the cabinet. It was long overdue. I will blog about it on my next entry. Wish me well!

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