Tips On How To Organize Your Bedroom Closet

As you have read in my previous posts, I stayed home these past couple of days because I was not feeling well. Even when I am sick, I always wanted to do something so I turned to a long overdue task - organizing my bedroom closet. You see, I try to reorganize my stuff at least once every quarter. What about you?

Tip #1: Choose the type of hanger you want to use

I could not stand to see clutter inside our house. I wanted everything in place. A priest who revisited our home several years after he blessed it commented that my house looks just as he remembered it, like it's still new. Fact is, my home is already close to 10 years old ; p

Anyway, going back to my organizational skills, I once helped a friend who now lives in New Zealand segregate and organize all their clothes. Yes, including the clothes of her husband and kid ; p Thinking back, I should have charged her for my skill lol 

Tip #1: Choose the type of hanger you want to use

There are several choices out there, all you need to do is go to a home store and spot which one suits your closet. I opted for wood. To know which one is DH's and which one is mine, I bought 2 colors - light and dark. 

For more tips on how to organize your bedroom closet, read after the break...

Tip #2: Make sure that the clothes you used often is within easy reach

Ok, I placed the shorts on topmost shelf because DH only wears them on weekends. He wears jeans in the office everyday. For easy access, I placed all t-shirts in the bottom shelf because he wears them everyday as "pambahay" after office. Lastly, I placed polo shirts in the middle because he wears it in the office occasionally. 

Tip #3: Separate by style

Upon closer look at the top shelf, you can see that I separated DH's board shorts (left) from his cargo shorts (right). That way, it will be easier for him to locate which ones are for "pambahay" and which ones are not.

To maximize the space, I used the back space as storage for our winter accessories like hats, stockings, gloves, socks, scarves etc. Well, most of the accessories belong to me hahaha

Tip #4: Separate collared shirts with non-collared shirts

If you are "OC" like me, you can do this extra step by separating collared shirts with non-collared ones. Or you can separate plain polo shirts with those that have prints on them.

The rolled towel you see in the photo is reserved for out of town trips ; p I don't want it to get mix up with the ones we used in our bathroom ; p

Tips #5: To keep clothes smelling fresh, place your favorite soap in the cabinet

To keep his clothes smelling manly, I placed a few Irish Spring bars in his closet. Of course, some my Dove soaps crossed over his side of the closet hahaha

this is my side of the closet

I also placed my shorts and skirts on the topmost shelf. I separate it into 3 categories - shorts (for home use), shorts & skirts. 

I placed all remaining scarves that didn't fit in DH's closet at the back too.

Tip #6: Hang shirts from short to long sleeves facing one side

Wooden hangers are the best hangers for shirts, suits and coats. I started with printed shirts as you can see on the left side of the photo. I arranged it from light to dark. For solid color, since I ended with a printed dark colored shirt, I began working from dark solid color to light solid color shirt. To separate the shirts from short to long sleeves, I placed magenta colored short sleeves shirts in the middle right where the last light solid colored shirt ended. 

We have a separate closet for all jackets, coat and barong. Be sure to hang everything facing one side only. Use only one type of hanger for uniformity.

Tip #7: Roll your bathroom towel to save space

We each have separate drawers for our bathroom towels.

Tip #8: Place face towels in a drawer near the sink for easy access

Tip #9: Place a shoe rack inside your closet

Since the other side of my closet does not have a division, I place a shoe rack inside so my shoes and  bags can have a space of their own. 

I spent approximately one whole afternoon organizing our closet. Once you started doing it, finish it within the day or else you will never finish it at all.

After organizing my closet, I collected several pairs of jeans and shirts to give away. That's one thing I like about organizing stuff, you can share what you have and in return, you have a reason to shop for some more! Isn't that nice?

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