Bulgogi Brothers in SM MOA

October 12, 2012

Bulgogi Borthers
2nd Level Entertainment Mall
SM Mall of Asia
Bay Blvd., Pasay City

Last Friday, DH and I were in SMX Convention Center for the 8th Printing & Label Philippines 2012. After spending four hours roaming around the venue, naturally, we were very hungry. I told DH that I want to eat in a Korean restaurant. We seldom go to SM Mall Of Asia so we needed to consult the Information Board first ; p Good thing we found one - Bulgogi Brothers. I have been meaning to eat in this restaurant for so long. Finally, I get to try it!

Bulgogi Bibimbap PhP 395

"BUL-GO-GI" literally means "fire meat" in Korean.
"Bul" is fire while "gogi" is meat
It is commonly translated as Koren barbecue. The thin slices of beef, pork or chicken are specially marinated in combination of sauce and seasonings to enhance their flavor and tenderness, before being placed on a grill, usually right at the table.

It has been a while since we last ate in a Korean restaurant. The last one I visited was Yoogane with my family. Yoogane's selection was limited and it was not exactly the authentic restaurant that I was looking for.

DH and I were expecting Bulgogi Brothers to be at least at par with Sariwon. However, we were disappointed. Since Bulgogi Brothers only serve rice together with every order of Bulgogi BBQ, we opted not to order one. I was so looking forward pa naman to eating sangchu-ssam.

DH and I shared an order of Bulgogi Bibimbap. It was served on a hot stone pot. The warm white rice was topped with vegetables like cucumber, carrots, radish, bean sprouts and mushrooms. A raw egg was at the center of the bowl. Gochujang was served on the side. It was a visual delight!

Bibimbap literally means "mixed rice" in Korea. All ingredients must be stirred together just before eating.

For tips on where to find authentic Korean Restaurants, read after the break...

free appetizers as we await our orders- quail eggs (pugo), sweet potato (kamote) and corn

We gawked at the sight of quail eggs. Ack! We definitely can't eat one. Seeing the result of our recent blood tests, we need to stay away from quail eggs. Quail eggs = High Cholesterol ; p One of the problems of getting old!

We divided and conquered the sweet potatoes but we did not touch the corn because it looks "over boiled".

vegetable salad

I was actually able to finish this vegetable salad, DH was not able to taste it hahaha It can be refilled if requested.
3 banchan or appetizers

The three appetizers were pickled eggplant, kimchi and kangkong.

Haemul Pajeon PhP 450

Our order of Haemul Pajeon came out after we finished eating our order of Bulgogi Bibimbop. It has a generous serving of seafood like squid, mussel and shrimp mixed with green/spring onions. It looks appetizing. However, the long wait was not exactly worth it because it tasted bland when eaten alone. The dipping sauce on the side contained vinegar so I was not able to try it. It failed to impress me, I only ate 2 slices and DH finished the rest ; p

Haemul Pajeon is seafood pancake

I commend Rachelle, our server for being patient with our questions about the food and our request - if we can have lettuce instead of rice together with an order of bulgogi. She was always smiling and was very efficient.

I might give this restaurant another try and order bulgogi bbq if I am not craving for sangchu-ssam anymore ; p

I highly recommend the following Korean restaurants:

Since we were not able to eat Sangchu-ssam, the next day we ate in another Korean restaurant in Kalayaan Ave. but that will be for another blog post ; p

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