MAPLE in Shangri-la East Wing

May 12, 2013

L/G Shangri-La Plaza, East Wing
EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard,
Mandaluyong City


Get HALF the price at Maple Shangri-La Plaza Mall East Wing branch when you charge a minimum bill of PhP 1,000 to your Citi Card. Enjoy a maximum discount of PhP 2, 500 per visit. Valid from May 20 to May 26, 2013. For inquiries calls 4778027 or 4777248.

Alas! After salivating from so many photos of Maple dishes taken by Instagram users that I follow, I was finally able to try it during Mother's Day ; )

The Maple Burger PhP 475

A juicy grilled patty, American cheese, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, fried onion rings and maple glazed bacon

I will start with The Maple Burger, the patty was juicy. The melted cheese on top kept the burger compact even after slicing it into four for sharing ; p I noticed that the bun was small for its burger though. The bacon was cooked just the way I like it. How I wish there were several more onion rings on the side and not just three. After all, I am paying PhP 475 for this meal alone.

And, uh, I think the country fries do not belong with this order but in The Big Maple Breakfast ; p I don't know why it was served together with The Maple Burger. I just noticed it while writing this entry.

For other dishes on our table, read after the break...

Maple House Salad PhP 375

Fresh mesclun and vegetables sprinkled with maple glazed pecans and parmesan flakes with roasted shallot vinaigrette

We all agreed that for PhP 375, Maple House Salad is not worth ordering. For one, I was not able to taste any pecan. The dressing tasted odd, it did not go well with the salad.
complimentary one maple glazed bread each

I have to request for maple glazed bread twice before it was served to our table.

The Big Maple Breakfast PhP 540

Three buttermilk pancakes or a giant Belgian waffle served with maple bacon, breakfast sausages, country fries and two farm fresh eggs made just the way you like

Since we were five in our group, I chose three buttermilk pancakes instead of a giant Belgian waffle to go with our order.You really need to put maple syrup on your pancakes because eating the pancake alone tasted bland.

I wonder how the giant waffle taste like. Is it any better?

Note: Country fries is not in this photo.

Lavazza Caffe Latte PhP 120

Lavazza Cappuccino PhP 120

Since we are five in our group and I just ordered 3 dishes including salad and 2 cups of coffee, the waiter looked a bit confused and had to ask me twice if that's our only order ; p Well, I would have ordered more if the food is not so pricey.

It was enough for me that I get to try this restaurant once. I am not saying I will not go back, I might but after a few more months to give them time to adjust both on food and service.

How was your MAPLE experience?

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