Tully's Coffee in Robinsons Magnolia

May 7, 2013

Tully's Coffee
3/F Robinsons Magnolia
Aurora Blvd cor. Dona Hemady St.,
Quezon City

The first time I had a taste of Tully's Coffee was in Osaka, Japan last December. I was surprised to see that it has opened a branch in Robinsons Magnolia... yehey!  I really wanted to try it out but every time I passed by the coffee shop, it was always full... darn!

Matcha Bellaccino Tall PhP 165

I finally got the chance to try it earlier this month. I ordered a tall Matcha Bellaccino. I love blended drinks but this one was too sweet for my taste. I can't even finish the cup I ordered.

Matcha Bellaccino is also available in Grande PhP 175 and Veinte PhP 185. Other flavors available are Mocha, Cookies and Cream, Coffee, Caramel, Chocolate and Chai.

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Tuna Mozzarella Puff PhP 85

There was not enough filling inside the Tuna Mozzarella Puff. It would be really good if they put in a little more Mozzarella cheese.
Latte PhP 125
My mom ordered a cup of Latte. I think it was good enough for her. I didn't hear any complain from her. After all, how can you ruin a cup of latte, right?

There are other restaurants in Robinsons Magnolia that I have not visited. Hopefully I can visit them all before the year ends ; p

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