Cookie's celebration at Spiral, Sofitel Philippine Plaza

My visit: October 19, 2009

Sofitel Philippine Plaza
CCP Complex,
Roxas Blvd.,
Pasay City

Reservation was at 7 in the evening but we were there 20 minutes earlier. Fortunately, cars were moving fast that night. Stars are with the birthday boy lol

We had buffet that night. The waiters in Spiral are much more attentive and efficient than in any other 5 star hotels that I have been too. I love that they fill the water as soon as your glass is half full. Or fold the table napkin for you when you leave your table to get more food lol And of course, taking the used plate once your done with your food.

DH and I

Here is what DH had that night:

1st plate- sushi

Salmon is a must for his hungry stomach lol OMG, I was not able to take picture of his first plate.

 2nd plate- salad and cheese

He had this salad found at the bottom of the plate with pomegranate. He thought this included an artichoke which reminds him of his friend's salad concoction way back. Verdict, not impressed with this, his chef/friend makes better salad haha

3rd plate- paella and roast lamb

His third plate was a mixture of Japanese appetizer and noodle with Paella. His roast beef is medium rare.

4th plate- fish, steak and lamb

We came here for the lamb. And boy, we had one too many lol I couldn't keep myself from emphasizing that Spiral never hid their lamb as what we had experience in Makati Shangri-la's Circles.

5th plate- peking duck, adobo egg and soup

The peking duck is not as good as what we had in Peking Garden but it was alright.

What I had that night:


1st plate- sushi

I was controlling myself not to eat too much sushi as it would really fill me up. So I only had, from left to right, california maki, tuna maki, tamago maki with kani topping.

2nd plate- salad, pita bread, feta cheese, cracker and dips

I got two salad on my plate. The first one was the same salad DH had and the second one was lettuce with 3 dressings namely balsamic vinaigrette, caesar and the other was thousand island I think. I also spray my veggies with their melon dressing lol The red meat goes well with parmesan cheese and pita bread. I like the taste of feta cheese too!

3rd plate- tempura, roast lamb and fried rice

I like the tempura in YakiMIX though. The sauce is salty too like in YakiMIX. So, I only had one tempura. I never had a second. The roast lamb goes well with the red wine sauce. I love it! I had two spoonful of fried rice and that's it.

4th plate- lamb with mint sauce and steak well done

Did I mention that lamb is why we came here for? haha You must be sick reading about it. It's that good that I have to say it over and over again. The steak was paired well with it's sauce.

5th plate- peking duck in a wrapper and prawn

green tea ice cream with marshmallow

creme brulee

mango crepe

I had green tea ice cream, mango and apple cinnamon crepe and a creme brulee. The ice cream doesn't taste like green tea and is too creamy for me. I love the crepe wrapper sans the mango and apple cinnamon lol For the creme brulee, I like it alright.

 DH and I

And the food we shared:

grilled pampano

This we had to ask the cook to grill it for us. It took 15 minutes to cook. And it's very delicious. I thought it's malansa at first but it's not. The meat is soft and no malansa taste.

steamed crab and tahong with parmesan cheese

I got only two crab legs because DH develop allergies to crabs. I had to request the crab legs to be steamed and the mussels to be baked with cheese. Yes, you can request all that in Spiral.

When it's time For DH to blow his candle, we look for a cake at the dessert station. Asked the girls manning the booth to write a dedication on the plate beside the cake. And we also requested for a candle. The people in Sofitel were so fantastic and they made DH's birthday special. To view his cake, click here.

I am already missing their service already!

We celebrated his 2010 birthday in Spiral again, click here.