Of Romulo Cafe and Peking Garden

My DSIL, who is based abroad, stayed with us for her 3 week vacation. I kept on bugging DH to take her out to some fancy restaurant. That's why we ended up eating in Romulo Cafe. 


In my own words, Romulo Cafe is a Filipino restaurant with outrageous menu price. Well, you are paying for the ambiance.

(l-r) cool as cucumber PhP95 & sunshine lemonade PhP85

pinoy caesar salad PhP250

A nice touch was the tuyo or dried fish that came with the caesar salad. I requested that the tuyo  be served separately because I  don't know what to make out of the taste when the two were mixed together. But surprisingly, the taste of tuyo evens out the taste of the caesar dressing which gave me an idea on what to serve and add on my next home made vegetable salad!

halaan soup PhP130

What was supposed to be an order good for four person was divided into five bowls, thanks to the waiter  who was serving. We left a huge tip! haha

beef caldereta PhP295

Everything we ordered has a nice taste to it but I love their beef caldereta with the grated cheese on top. I took home the remainder of the dish and DH got to take it to his office for his lunch the next day lol

tito greg's kare kare PhP385

There is another type of kare- kare which is all vegetable and costs PhP100 less than this. I was able to taste the thick soup and vegetable together with the bagoong but not the other ingredients like tuwalya and I think tail... eeew! I'm grossed out just thinking about it lol

honey garlic pork spareribs PhP240

The serving was small. Although it lacks in size, it's big in flavor. DH said that it's too sweet, I don't mind though if what they use is real honey as sweetener. The spareribs, I think, is deep fried first that's why its crispy then glazed with the honey garlic sauce.

my in laws in Peking Garden, Trinoma

with the kids

The two pictures above were taken the night before she flew back to Canada. We had dinner at Peking Garden in Trinoma Mall. It's a total pig out because we ordered a set menu for the adults which included Peking duck- YUMMY! Plus, the night before we were at Romulo's Cafe! Now, my pants won't fit me anymore. It's a good thing though that I went to Yamada Miyura yesterday. Now, my abs hurt lol It's like I freakin' do a hundred crunches haha

Shoutout to my DSIL! Thanks for the wonderful Vanilla scented spray cologne you gave me!