Pond's Cold Cream Deep Cleanser

I saw my mom using Pond's Cold Cream on her face to remove make up residue while growing up. And now, even with various make up remover in the market, I stick with Pond's because it's already tried and tested by my mom. I don't know why Pond's doesn't market it as a make up remover though.  But I can tell you this, it can double as one. It deeply cleanses and removes make up residue. 

 pond's perfect care PhP100

After attending two events in a day, Real Living Magazine and Nestle Heaven ice cream launch, I remove my make up using Pond's Cold Cream.

 clean skin that feels softer and smoother- Pond's Institute promise

 apply pea size amount on your forehead, cheeks and chin

 massage gently on your face and neck

tissue off and reapply as necessary then wash off with facial cleanser and water