Hawaiian BBQ Grill

My visit: September 11, 2010

Hawaiian BBQ Grill 
45 Aguinaldo Hi-way 
Silang Crossing, Tagaytay City 
(046) 4131798   (046) 8602716   09273632660

And we're back in Tagaytay! It is so near Manila yet the weather is so different. I so love it there! 

We had our lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant in Sta. Rosa, Umenoya. After visiting Tagaytay Highlands all afternoon, we were all famished! DH suggested to eat somewhere in Tagaytay.  I, on the other hand, suggested going back to Manila for good eats because memories of the food served in Cafe Platito was still fresh on my mind ; p But with four against one, I lost! 

I quickly suggested Hawaiian BBQ Grill located in The Boutique Bed and Breakfast! Not wanting others to contradict my suggestion, I told them that the restaurant's specialty is baby back ribs haha So, yes, we had our hearty dinner there!

coleslaw PhP112

DS ordered this.  I don't know why she ordered a coleslaw, she was sick that day so maybe ordering this would make her feel better ; p I would have opted for another salad not teeming with sauce haha But this was just alright though.

baby back ribs large PhP680

Take note that we were five adults sharing this large ribs yet we still get to take home the remaining half of it haha Don't get me wrong, the ribs were good, it's just that its huge hehe That or we ordered too much for our group of five lol

pork bbq PhP168

Dad wants pork bbq and of course, we ordered him one haha I know, right, we already have ribs and yet ordered another pork variety. But as one priest in my uncle's wake said "money can't buy appetite!" So, if dad wants pork bbq, I'll gladly serve him one!

bulalo soup PhP510

OK, for the bulalo, the meat isn't exactly as tender as I have expected. But the soup more than made up for it. We requested the soup refilled which the waiter gladly obliged. We even asked the waiter to get the bone marrow out of the cow's leg bone because we couldn't get it out even with the help of a pair of chopsticks!

The waiters are all attentive even though they have a full house that night. The service is fast and efficient even for us diners dining outdoors. Waiting time for the food is just under 15 minutes. We had a lot of fun taking pictures while waiting for our orders to come out. 

my parents

DH and I

Where to next? I will probably try the Indian restaurant that some of you recommended. Any more suggestions?