Crystal Jade Greenhills

My visit: November 18, 2010

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Unit 117- 121 Virra Mall
Greenhills Shopping Center
5706910   5706912

Since its opening, people were lining non stop for this restaurant. After two months from its opening date, I was finally able to try this restaurant with my parents. 

There were a few vacant tables when we went in. An over eager waiter approached our table and started to talk us into ordering almost everything in multiple of two. Whoa! I told him jokingly "Tatlo lang kami, ano kami... baboy?" ; p And he continued on to tell me that the people on the other table ordered quite a lot. I countered that we can only eat so much. 

Here's what we have ordered:

sauteed chicken with cashew nuts in spicy sauce (served with pancake) PhP288

The order is smaller than what it looks like in the photo but was good enough for all three of us. It's not overly spicy. It has just the right kick in it. I wrap mine with the pancake included. The pancakes are much like the ones Chinese restaurants serve with a Peking duck order.

stewed sliced fish with rice wine PhP348

This order has only about five or six match box size fish fillet. We each have one piece and I took home the rest. 

xiao long bao (5 pieces) PhP158

The xiao long bao or steamed soupy dumpling as they called it, was quite small in size. The wrapper was a bit thick maybe they made it that way in order to hold on the soup inside, just my thought. Both my parents made a mess hehe I, on the other hand, didn't squirt out the soup inside the dumpling lol

pork dumpling with chive (8 pieces) PhP135

I have tasted better dumplings like the one in Fu Chi Dumpling in Banawe. 

fried rice with diced chinese sausage, shrimp and egg in yang chow style PhP248

When the waiter came back for the stewed fish take, he saw that we were not able to finish everything on our table. He muttered "Ay, di pala talaga kayo malakas kumain." That and I find this restaurant to be over rated and expensive.

I hope you enjoyed my new food post! I have a few more food posts after I feature my Singapore trip! Stay tuned!