Singapore Flyer took my breath away!

My visit: November 15, 2010

30 Raffles Avenue

Day 2

I have my reliable Canon Ixus 860IS throughout my Singapore trip. I am so glad I brought it with me. I took the photo below while my capsule was on the topmost part of the Singapore Flyer. The view was exhilarating! 

 view from the top

I am afraid of heights. When AC and I were in Taipei a couple of years ago, I couldn't even ride Miramar Ferris Wheel which is 70 meters tall. Taller than London Eye (135 meters), Singapore Flyer stands 165 meters and can accommodate 786 people at a time. A capsule as big as a bus has a capacity of 28 pax. A cycle is approximately 30 minutes.

 train to Sentosa

After a fun day in Universal Studios Singapore, we were en route to Sentosa when the rain fell hard. We decided that Sentosa was not meant for us. We made a decision to go to Singapore Flyer instead. We didn't book online. Good thing, with the erratic weather Singapore have during our stay, locals and tourist were not as interested to visit Singapore Flyer that day. We were able to secure 5 tickets at  S$29.50 each. With valid foreign passport, every two tickets bought entitles the pair to two scoops of ice cream each. Yey!

Singapore Flyer taken with my Canon IXUS 860IS

Full Butler dining at S$249++ per couple

Singapore Flyer 

 this is our capsule

 taken immediately after I felt safe

Oh, I can't describe the feeling when I stepped inside the capsule. This is it, I said to myself. There was no turning back when the capsule's door closed. Can't speak at first, I grasped the seat and closed my eyes trying to feel the motion of the capsule. I couldn't feel a thing, like the capsule was not moving at all. After I have mustered enough courage to stand, I went to the other end of the capsule and took the photo above. 

taken on the other side while on the topmost part of the wheel

I couldn't believe I was able to conquer my fear of heights. How about you? What is your greatest fear?

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