Tony and Jackey Salon: Setting Perm

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My visit: December 24, 2010

I accompanied DH for a haircut at Bang's Tony and Jackey. The franchise is now owned and managed by another Korean named Bang. After his haircut, DH asked me if I miss my curls. To give you a background, it has been almost three years since my last perm. He knew I wanted to have my curls back. But without any promo, a Digital/Setting Perm would cost around PhP 8000 including cut and treatment. 

Package B Aqua setting perm PhP 3000

While DH was paying at the reception table he saw a flier, written on it was a promotion for setting perm. Thank goodness!

But we already have a scheduled lunch date at Kikufuji in Little Tokyo. I was advised by a Filipino assistant that I should come back not later than 3pm to avoid being rushed as the salon will close at 7pm. Having my hair permed thrice already, I know that the procedure will take some time so I set an appointment at 2pm.

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