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This is really nerve-wracking! I mean, each post that you see on Pond's microsite corresponds to a deadline. When I signed up for this, I didn't know that meeting deadlines can be this stressful or how hard it is to beg friends, relatives, readers to LIKE my team's entry.

If you are still out of the loop, you may want to check out Pond's Flawless White The Unbeaten Whitening Experience challenge where a blogger, that's me, and a friend team up to come up with a series of posts, 7 posts in all, leading to a flawless white skin in just three weeks! The blogger would document the changes the friend will experience using Pond's Flawless White range. 

my FOTD: barely there make up (no retouch)

Naturally, I have to try these new products! When Cats, my teammate, raved and talked about her favorite among the range, Flawless White Spots Blocking Serum, I was enticed to try and see the effect on my face.

Cats on MrsMartinezSweetie channel

Cats said that Flawless White Spots Blocking Serum has a powdery feel upon application to her face. I take her word for it.  I was suddenly struck by an idea that with that characteristic, it might be a very good make up primer and thus making this product very versatile. 

test running pea sized Flawless White Spots Blocking Serum PhP485

So, I pumped a pea sized amount on my palm and spread the serum on my entire face.

luminous glow of Pond's Flawless White Spots Blocking Serum

It was a delightful reaction! Upon applying it, I noticed the silky smooth feel especially on my cheek and chin. The true test of a good primer is that if it minimizes the look of my pores... and it did! And I noticed that my face was not as oily as it used to be rather it gives a luminous glow. The product is mildly scented though. I would have given this product a 10, if it is unscented. 

For my Face Of The Day, I didn't plan to put on heavy make up since I was just going to the supermarket. I dust my face with a Kanebo face powder and draw my eyebrows using The Body Shop eyebrow pencil. I didn't even put on a lipstick haha I forgot lol

Pond's Flawless White Spots Blocking Serum has the highest concentration of VAO-B3 complex plus Glucoside C for highest potency of skin lightening and spot reduction.  Before you go crazy about what the statement says above, I am going to explain what VAO-B3 means.
  • ·      Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant especially effective against UV induced cell damage and pigmentation.
  • ·      Allantoin, a powerful bioactive that has been recognized by US FDA as skin protectant, and boosts skin renewal.
  • ·      Optics system delivers brightening and evening-out effects that subtly and instantly improve the skin tone to give a natural radiant look.
  • ·      Niancinamide known as Vitamin B3, is the key ingredient. First discovered and patented by Unilever for Asian consumers, it prevents the migration of melanin from the lower layers of the skin to the upper layers, thus delivering visibly lighter skin.
Below is a screen shot of our page in Pond's microsite. Please take time and visit Pond's Unbeaten site and LIKE our team.

Cats and I during our November 2010 Singapore trip

Cats and I go way back. We have been friends for almost 18 years! Oh gosh, I should not have revealed it lol We become closer than ever before since we are now living a few streets away from each other. We are like sisters since we always engaged in the same activities like running and yoga. We both love to have fun under the sun and traveling to different countries. Last year, we visited Singapore's Universal Studios where we had so much fun!

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