Piolo Pascual, Me and New CLEAR Total 3

My event: May 12, 2011

Lunch at Clear Paris Institute
Midas Hotel
2702 Roxas Blvd.,

I normally decline events on Mondays and Thursdays due to the number coding on cars imposed by MMDA. But Franco was persistent. He went out of his way to have a driver and a van to pick me up just so I can attend the event. So how can I say no, di ba

The driver knew where he was going so I was able to attend the event on the dot. It was held at the luxurious Midas Hotel and casino. It was a shame that I was not able to take photos of the lobby because upon alighting the van, I was quickly ushered to a red carpet leading to an elevator going up to the penthouse. 

During the event, there I was, the only one who attended the New CLEAR Total 3 with Nutrium 10 launching in my bright colored summer wear amongst the sea of black outfits. Eeep! Even Tessa was in black! Darn, I misunderstood the dress code, Clubwear Glam, as outfits you would wear in a country club haha Eeer, sign of generation gap toink!

with Piolo Pascual who uses Cool Sport Menthol PhP119.75

I wish he was holding my hand in this photo. Look how orange-y Piolo was that day. Too much tan, I suppose? I even did a double take when he came out of the stage that noon. Papa Piolo, isdatchu? 

seating in CLEAR scalp machine booth

When I arrived, I was lead to an ante room filled with CLEAR girls with laptops urging me to give CLEAR scalp analyzer a try. I was scared to know my scalp's condition that's why I waited for somebody I know to hold my hand haha Kim was my saving grace. She was the one who took the photo above. Thanks Kim!

 I got a 70%

Considering I have recurring dandruff, I got a 70% score. The CLEAR girl said that I even have a better scalp condition than their sample "normal scalp". Most of the bloggers who attended got the same result except for one, Kim. I asked the Unilever team if the machine was faulty because we all have chosen 3 problems and we all ended up with 70% grade. I was assured that it was just plain coincidence.

 recommended solution: Complete Soft Care 2 in 1 & Ice Cool Menthol

New CLEAR Nourishing Scalp Care Anti- Dandruff shampoo recommends 2 variants for my problem:

  1. Complete Soft Care 2 in 1
  • combines anti- dandruff actives with nourishing hair treatment nutrients+ 
  • for all hair types
  • transforms hair from dry to lusciously soft & shiny

         2. Ice Cool Menthol

    • cooling menthol for all scalp and hair types
    • refreshes and revives scalp & hair with an invigorating burst of menthol freshness

    Joselito Binay of Givaudan Singapore Pte Ltd

    After the scalp analysis, a few steps away from it was an interactive display of how CLEAR came about its new line of scent. We were asked to smell different flowers, cinnamon and even civet poop! Eeew! Mr. Binay, yes, he is a relative of the vice president of the Philippines, talked about the process how his company was able to come up with various scent to complement the new look of CLEAR shampoo.

    these are the inspired fragrances of the new CLEAR shampoo

    CLEAR shampoo for women was inspired by Escada Magnetism while CLEAR shampoo for men was inspired by Clinique Happy. 

    New CLEAR Nourishing Scalp Care for women anti- dandruff shampoo with Pro Nutrium 10

    There are four variants for women/unisex:
    1. Complete Soft Care 2 in 1
    2. Ice Cool Menthol
    3. Dry Scalp & Itch Control
    4. Anti- Hair Fall

     New CLEAR Nourishing Scalp Care for men anti- dandruff shampoo with Pro Nutrium 10

    There are three variants for men: 
    1. Cool Sport Menthol
    2. Anti- Hair Fall
    3. Cooling Itch Control

     caviar in egg shell

    First time ever to see and eat caviar haha I was not able to taste it because I swallowed it immediately after scooping it lol I was hungry already. I will try to eat slowly next time. 

    *caviar- pickled roe of sturgeon or other large fish, eaten as a delicacy.

     Borgy Manotoc and Bianca Valerio hosted the event

    I love Bianca's stockings. I wish I bought stockings like that in Taipei.

    Bianca & Borgy interview the guests about the scalp analysis

    Bianca Valerio interviewed Ms. Tessa Prieto Valdes- a lifestyle writer for Philippine Daily Inquirer and Mr. Moussa Abdayem- newest stylist of Emphasis Salon while Borgy Manotoc interviewed Ms. Isabel Roces- a fashion model about their scalp test result.

    The event emphasized on CLEAR way to Total 3 which means No Dandruff, No Dryness and Less Hair Fall. 

    introduction to New CLEAR by Ms Kellda Centeno, brand manager

    As a welcome treat, Piolo Pascual and Bea Alonzo graced the event.

    with Bea Alonzo who uses CLEAR complete Soft Care 2 in 1 Php114.75

    learn Bea's choice of CLEAR variant

    watch to know what Piolo has been using these days

    After the short program ended, Bea and Piolo were whisked away to their own set where media people, ehem, like me can ask them questions about their hair. It was during that time that I learned that Piolo Pascual and I have two things in common- Jewelmer and washing the hair with just water at night, no shampoo ; p

    with Ms Tessa Prieto Valdes

    This is actually our third take because I am channeling for a fashionista pose- hands on the hip ; p God, Tessa is so nice! I love her. I will forever read her column in PDI.

    (l-r) Borgy, Bea, Piolo and Bianca

    thanks for looking at my camera Piolo & Bea

    This was taken during the time I was almost shoved by the official photographer of the event. 

    picture from Kim's camera; with Borgy and Bianca

    with kulit kikay girls, Angela & Kim

    I had fun during the event because the two girls I'm with that day were so kikay! I love them to bits! Thanks Bridges and Unilever! Bisou Bisou...