Australian Lamb Chops in Zucchini's Quezon City

My visit: May 2, 2011

20 Scout Tuason corner Scout Castor Sts.,
Quezon City
4155533   3765896

I always wanted DH to surprise me whenever my birthday comes. And yes, I am usually surprised because he doesn't make any restaurant reservation haha 

We were supposed to dine in Lemuria in Horseshoe Drive but when DH called that day he found out that the restaurant is close every Monday. Lucky him because last I heard Lemuria is a pretty expensive restaurant hehe I was in fact shocked that he considered dining there.

Zucchini's Australian lamb chops with apple mashed potato and mint sauce PhP1350

We eventually ended up in Zucchin's. It was not our first time to dine in this restaurant. In fact, we were able to try out their steak back in their old location in Timog.

I like fine dining restaurants because of the ambiance. It's like having your own private nook even though just a few steps away from you there is another table.

Their Australian lamb chops is quite expensive. I would rather eat in Spiral, Sofitel Hotel. For a few peso more, I get unlimited serving of lamb chops and a buffet to boot. Or I can never ever forget my lamb chops in La Reserve, a French, air conditioned restaurant in Boracay. The lamb chops are succulent, juicy and yummy for just half the price.

I like the unique taste of apple mashed potato on the side though. Tiny bits of apple are mixed in with mashed potatoes. It's my first time to try it and I like the combination.  

all smile for the big day

Oh, yes, I am still smiling even though I added a year to my age. But who is counting? When you are a girl, you choose a perfect number and you stop counting your age after that. For me the perfect number would be 27, the year I got married. So, in my heart I am Forever 27!

DH in his don't-mess-with-my-hair look

This is what I love about DH. He knew how special this day is to me and he tries to make it memorable. One time, I was really depressed and unhappy that I was totally not in the mood celebrating my birthday at all. He secretly invited my family and my closest friends to celebrate my birthday in a Japanese restaurant. Now, that's what I call L-O-V-E!

complimentary bread rolls served with butter on heart shaped container

apple and pumpkin soup PhP175

We only ordered one soup and requested it to be split into two servings. The sweet and crunchy apple on the side top with walnut is love. The soup is creamy but a bit sweet.

US duck breast salad PhP495

Salt and sugar cured duck breast sliced in bacon like strips is divine. A few leafy veggies is on the side with alfafa sprouts served on top.

Certified Angus Rib Eye steak (250 grams) with Twice Baked Potato and Minted Red Wine PhP1800

DH was all praise about their Angus rib eye. It was cooked just the way he liked it- medium well. I can still see a bit of blood when you cut the beef in the middle but I guess that's the way to eat it tender. The ones that are on the edge are perfect for me, no blood. 

I would recommend this restaurant to those who are still dating because your boyfriend is still willing to shell out money to treat you in a fine dining restaurant without any complaints afterwards haha But seriously, I had a great time that night. Thanks to DH and to Zucchini's food for making this a memorable night for me.