Zong Restaurant relaunched with a flagship store in The Fort

My event: June 9, 2011

Bonifacio Global City
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I know I wrote that I am shying away from events, right? This is one of the last few invites that I have already said yes to so I went and I was not disappointed with the food presented to us! As usual, I hitched with Rowena and then we transferred to Richard's car. Carpooling saves gas, you know! 

We were there a bit early and I gawked when I learned from Rowena that the food will not be served until 1:30pm. The event was situated on the second floor of the restaurant. The private function room  can accommodate approximately 20-30 people. Only a select few bloggers were invited and the rest were traditional media. One good thing was that the event started as scheduled. 

 dumplings with black vinegar sauce

The picture above is steamed homemade dumpling in Chinese black vinegar. The splash of red and green color on top of the dish makes this irresistible for people like me who occasionally yearns for dumplings! Be sure to dip your dumplings in its sauce.

 Chinese-Style chicken salad

This was the first dish that came out. It is shredded poach chicken with jelly fish in chinese vinaigrette. I was so hungry that I can hear my stomach growl haha It didn't matter that I am acidic, I dig in as soon as the rest of the bloggers finished taking photos of this dish. The jelly fish is crunchy!

 steamed zucchini in pumpkin sauce

I find this dish interesting. Zucchini cup with a shrimp filling in pumpkin puree. I love that they didn't scrimp on the pumpkin puree because I heart pumpkin.

 homemade meat roll in orange sauce

I think I ate two slices of Zong's version of kikiam- meat wrapped in bean curd with orange sauce. Tangy! 

 braised Shanghai-Style meatballs

Slow braised meat balls with white radish braised in au jus. Au jus is an adjective which means cooked in its own natural juice. It is meatier than commercial meatballs that are vacuum packed. It needs a little more flour though to keep the meat compact as the one served to us easily breaks upon scooping.

Fujian fried rice

Oh, I think DH would love this dish because I remembered him ordering the same thing in one of the Chinese restaurants that we frequent to. Fujian fried rice topped with shrimp and vegetables is saucy! After serving this dish, I was starting to get sleepy haha BURP!

roasted lacquered chicken

Marinated whole chicken with red bean paste. One trivia that I have to share is that Zong restaurant only serves Bounty Fresh chicken. It's meaty and tender-licious!

Joshua Tiu, the man behind the brand ZONG together with the executive chef, Wong Kam On aka Chef Onno

Mr. Joshua Tiu passionately shared with us his vision and future plans of expansion for his restaurant. Before he ended his presentation, we were able to meet the executive chef behind Zong, Chef Onno. 

I was so full that day that I was not able to eat at the next event that I attended. Yes, I know, another event related post coming up ; p But now I know where to take DH when we go to The Fort area. 

Zong Restaurant Dining Redefined has No MSG policy. It has branches in Centris Walk- Quezon City, Paseo de Sta. Rosa- Laguna and Westgate- Alabang. 

Next, back to regular posting!