Tilapia in Banana Leaf Asian Cafe Promenade, Greenhills

My visit: July 19, 2011

Banana Leaf
L3 Lower Level, Promenade
Greenhills, San Juan

It has been awhile since I ate in Banana Leaf. I remembered before when DH and I were still dating, we ate one whole crab in Banana Leaf. We can't do that anymore. DH has since been allergic to crabs. Don't ask me why, ok?!

deep fried tilapia with sambal sauce PhP238

When I saw the restaurant in Promenade, Greenhills, memories of good food came flashing back! I was with my parents during my visit. The restaurant was empty save for a lone guest when we came in. The server was quick to usher us to our table and handed us the menu.

We ordered tilapia with sambal. This order came out last but we ate it with gusto. The sambal taste sweet and much like a shrimp paste. The fish meat is filleted and cut into rectangular shapes. The meat is then placed on top of the fish.

Sambal is a chili based sauce made vegetable or fruits and spices.

deep fried pandan chicken PhP168

Chicken pandan is a very popular Thai dish. The leaf keeps the juices of the chicken inside. The result is juicy and tender chicken.

chicken pandan without the leaves

An order is just 4 pieces of chicken wrapped in pandan leaves. It is quite expensive if you ask me. Once I tasted the chicken, I can say that the price is all worth it. I didn't even dip the chicken in the sweet & chili sauce provided.

stir fried malay noble leaf with garlic Php188

This dish is DH's favorite. He would always order stir fried malay noble when we dine here. I want my parents to taste it so I ordered it. It was a bit oily when served but very flavorful. The vegetable have the right crisp. 

If only I can find a food buddy who is willing to share a crab meal with me, I would come back to this restaurant!

What's your favorite dish in Banana Leaf?