Mak's Noodle and Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant in Hong Kong

My visit: July 31, 2011

Mak's Noodle 
Wellington Street, Central
Hong Kong

During our recent trip to Hong Kong, our time is divided between shopping and dining but more on the former though. We came across this tiny noodle house just because we veered away from an expensive looking restaurant right across the street. 

shrimp wonton HK$32

I was shocked because this tiny noodle house has been visited by Anthony Bourdain. Apparently, he ate here awhile back. This is the second restaurant that I have eaten with Anthony Bourdain article, his photo and his "seal of approval".  The first restaurant that I have eaten with his photo on the wall was Bale Dutung. His photo was on the table this time just beside the menu. 

polonchay with oyster sauce

Mak's Noodle is a third generation family business established in Guangzhou in 1960's by Mak Woon-chi, grandfather of the current proprietor, Mak Chi-ming.

Mak is that you?

Noodles are not my thing. DH and I shared a bowl of wonton soup that he ordered and ate the vegetables. 

simot sarap with Coke

Noodles are DH's forte. There is no doubt that he liked the way the noodles were cooked and the taste of his wonton bowl. It was evident in the clean, empty bowl. 

riding on a double decker bus

The photo above was taken on a bus ride coming from the airport to the hotel. Most of the buses I saw were double deckers. I saw to it that I seat on the second level for the experience.

Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant
R1 7/F Island Beverley
1 Great George St.,
Causeway Bay Hong Kong

DH inside a Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant in Causeway Bay

We ate in Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant in Causeway Bay after checking in our hotel. It is found inside a building in front of Sogo Department Store. Finding the name of this restaurant seems hopeless until I found our credit card transaction with its name ; )

unaju don

Japanese restaurants are pretty expensive abroad compared to the Philippines. Most restaurants don't give out receipts so I don't have the price for our orders. 

charsiu noodles

Spaghetti noodles were used in this order. DH ate this with gusto. He must be really hungry because we ate a bit late already.

tamago with unagi inside

The tamago was a bit soggy and bland. It was a disappointment to say the least.

sushi platter

Instead of mango, tamago cube was present in California Maki. Other sushi like tuna, salmon, ebi, ika were included in this order.

Coke 192ml bottle

These Coke bottles were so cute! I can't help myself and took a photo of it. Ok, if one of you is reading this and knows the name of this Japanese restaurant, kindly tell me thanks!

Total bill in Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant is HK$213.00

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