Total Body Pampering at Chic Nails & Spa PLUS giveaway!

My event: September 6, 2011

3B Oracle Hotel
Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Before I start, be sure to read this entire post as I will mention a giveaway somewhere in between this entry ; p

I love pampering myself! I believe it's one of the things that women should do at least once a month. Spa is my comfort zone where I forget my worries and stress. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated after the treatment/s. 

quaint little corner for nail art session

These days, some nail salons offer more than just manicure and pedicure. Take Chic Nail Hand, Foot & Body Spa for example, this newly opened nail salon in Katipunan offers traditional & contemporary massage therapy, face & body therapy treatments, hand & foot therapy, paraffin mani/ pedi treatment by Depileve & nail art enhancement. The spa boasts of grooming treatments for the metrosexual and spa parties for the kids too!

Ma. Angeli Ebdane (owner of Chic Nails) flanked by LushAngel and I

It's so nice to know when a friend of yours is successful in the field that she is in. Case in point, my batch mate in UST and the proprietress of Chic Nails Hand, Foot & Body Spa, Gigi. She has gone a long way from being a talent handler in ABS- CBN, a local TV station, to now an owner of two fabulous spa centers- one in Katipunan and the other one in Don Antonio. 

Angela and I

What better way to enjoy the spa experience than bonding with a girl friend! Gigi told me that I could bring a friend along for a whole afternoon of pampering so I brought Angela with me. She was not kidding when she told me that my friend and I will have a total body pampering. Angela and I were at Chic Nails for a total of 6 hours hahaha

hand and foot therapy area

I can't believe Gigi did the interior of the spa. She had the knack of designing small spaces and making it appear bigger!

face & body therapy treatment area

This place is a one stop shop because aside from the services I have mentioned above, it also offers Radio Skin Firming and Body Contouring, Lipo- Sculpt Cavitation, Diamond Peel Facial, IV Glutathione and IPL Laser Hair Removal. Whoa, that's a lot!

massage bed

Angela was shocked when she learned that we could try any treatment that we want. She came expecting services of a manicure and/ or a pedicure lol 

My wonderful Chic Nails Spa Experience includes:
  1. Slimming Dead Sea Salt & Dead Sea Mud Treatment in Relaxing Lavender Oil (1hr & 30mins) PhP900
  2. Swedish Relaxatin Massage (1hr) PhP350
  3. Paraffin Manicure Dip in Honey and Milk by Depileve PhP480
  4. Paraffin Pedicure Dip in Lavender Essential Oil by Depileve PhP550

scrub essential

I was in the zone for relaxing! The chit chat beneath the curtain dividing the massage area from the hand & foot therapy area was drowned by the pipe in music.

The treatment started with a Slimming Dead Sea Salt & Dead Sea Mud Treatment in Relaxing Lavender Oil. I can smell a hint of lavender inside my massage area. My whole body was scrubbed using dead sea salt and then wiped away with a warm towel. The exfoliation and cleaning was done in an hour. No shower area hence the plastic cover on top of the bed sheet.

After applying dead sea salt body mask, I was wrapped with the same plastic cover. I feel a little tingling cool sensation. The mask is for detoxing of the body. It contains seaweed extract which also aids in the reduction of cellulite and water retention. I was wrapped for a good 20 minutes and then the mask was removed by wiping with a warm towel, after which I had a Swedish Massage. The last one was a truly relaxing experience!

warm soak

I was offered coffee or tea after my body treatment. I was sipping coffee and eating take out food from a nearby restaurant while my feet were soaked in warm water.

callous removal by Michelle

How can I forget the name of the lady who did a splendid job on my hands & feet? A round of applause for Michelle lol

dermo peel

My feet and almost half of my thigh was exfoliated using dermo peel. 

cling wrap legs

My legs were then wrapped with towel.

hand soak

While my feet were wrapped, a tray was placed on my thigh. My hands were soaked in a bowl with warm water.

milk and honey nutrition scrub

My hands were scrubbed up until my elbow. It was also cling wrapped with towel.

Paraffin Pedicure Dip in Lavender Essential Oil by Depileve

After removing the wrap and towel, my feet were as smooth as ever! The paraffin was warm but I was able to tolerate the heat... all in the name of vanity lol This treatment smells oh so good!

removing of the cling wrap

waiting to be wiped 

Cuccio treatment

Cuccio Naturale Lemon Skin Lightening Serum

Cuccio is a different treatment altogether. It was availed by Angela. When I saw the serum, I asked if I can try it out for myself. A tiny dot was enough to cover my scar. The portion was covered with a cut out cling wrap. 

Paraffin Manicure Dip in Milk and Honey by Depileve

after several dips

hands wrapped in a plastic

and a towel

removing the paraffin off my feet

Depileve Hydra System Plus CollagenElastin Moisturizing Milk

This Depileve Moisturizing Milk was applied on my legs and feet. It is enriched with collagen and elastin which deeply hydrates to make the skin soft and supple.

Depileve Hydra System Milk and Honey Emulsion

For my hands, Milk and Honey Emulsion was applied after the paraffin treatment before applying manicure.

I heart blue!

spraying ORLY Spritz Dry

Orly Spritz Dry dries nail lacquer and conditions skin with no oily residue. It is non- aerosole formula. 

Alright, I can't keep my excitement anymore! Chic Nails & Spa and I will be giving away pampering experience to three lucky ladies! Woot!

3 lucky winners

ONE (1) winner Chic Pampering PhP650- Maricel Tan

  • Hand Spa
  • Manicure
  • Hand and Arm Massage
  • Hand Paraffin Dip

ONE (1) winner Chic Spoiling PhP750- Melissa Santos

  • Foot Spa
  • Pedicure
  • Foot and Leg Massage
  • Foot Paraffin Dip

ONE (1) winner Basic Treat PhP730- Josephine Bahala

  • Whole Body Massage
  • Foot Spa
  • Pedicure

Ladies, congratulations! Kindly wait for my email. To others who didn't win, don't fret. Please join my Anlene giveaway ; )

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  9. Giveaway will run until September 30, 2011 (Friday). Winners will be announced a week after. Winners will be posted here in this blog post. Email will be sent out to winners.
  10. Winners must be able to claim the treatment in Chic Nails KATIPUNAN branch
  11. My decision is final.

ORLY Glitz for my finger nails

Personally, I like ORLY Luxe than Glitz. Fortunately, Chic Nails is selling the color Luxe. I bought one... yey!

ORLY It's Up To Blue toe nail polish

ORLY Top 2 Bottom was used as base coat and top coat all in one.

I hope you can also join my other giveaway! I can sleep now hehe