24 Karat Gold Nails at Cozy Nail Lounge

My visit: August 25, 2011

Cozy Nail Lounge
181 E. Rodriguez  Jr. Avenue, 
Libis Quezon City

I was invited by Michelle for a pampering day last Thursday. Who am I to say no? I normally don't make any commitments on a Thursday- coding kasi! But for this one time, I made an exception specially since I have been raring to do it for awhile. Ok, even before I left for Hong Kong and that was almost month ago lol 

*now I really feel like a cougar... rawr!

It was an intimate gathering as only four of us were present- Michelle, Angela, Patricia Bermudez and I. Nonetheless, we had fun throughout the afternoon.

I am happy to say that I found the perfect gold color nail polish through Cozy Nail Lounge's wide range of ORLY nail lacquers. I really, really love it! Too bad it is limited edition and I can't find one anywhere else ; (

ORLY Nail Lacquers are Free from Formaldehyde, DBP & Toluene. It is safe to use even for pregnant women.

Cozy Nail Lounge

Baby blue and white color are found all over the entire space. Blue is a favorite color of mine so I felt relaxed at once. The entire place has WiFi connection for women who can't live without their laptops.  

There are ample parking slots in the front. I don't know if there is any valet service available though. 

(l-r) Wenna Lindayag & Michelle Taruc

The gorgeous owners of Cozy Nail Lounge were present that day. They were both gracious and were readily suggesting different treatments for each of us.

4 seats for barkada

We were seated in these comfy chairs filled with throw pillows and bolsters. There are two more seats on the side corner of the room. The place can seat 6 persons at a time. 

*ginger tea

Michelle and I were offered ginger tea as soon as we were settled in our seats. I chose CNL Signature Foot Treatment PhP790 and CNL Express Hands PhP150.

gel foot soak

My treatment started with a special foot soak solution in a bubble/ foot spa machine. Then a scented powder was added that will turn the liquid into gel form. Don't worry, it's not like your feet will be trapped within the gel. You will just feel that the water-turned-gel softly touches your feet. It's soft but not sticky!

Red Wine Premium Scrub from Malaysia

Red Wine is a perfect blend of ingredients to provide conditioning for soft, supple ad youthful skin. Grape seeds contain polyphenol with anti oxidant potency twenty times greater than that of Vitamin A and E. 

Angela having her coffee foot scrub 

Michelle having her foot filed

This process removes the dead skin cells leaving the feet feeling soft and smooth.

15 minute foot massage

The filing is followed by a 15 minute relaxing massage. 


My feet were submerged in warm paraffin wax. I was able to tolerate the heat... woot! My foot here looks so nice ; p

cling wrapped

My feet were wrapped for a good 20 minutes. While waiting, it was time to get my manicure started! 

towel wrapped

This is total foot pampering, don't you think? My feet felt really soft even the day after. You know what I always tell you that it's good to always put lotion or cream on feet at night to make it soft and callous free, right? I do it religiously. I hope you do too.  

nail cleaning tools

I was asked to sign the pouch that contained the nail cleaning kit. By doing so, I was assured that the tools were sterilized.

ORLY Nail Lacquer in Luxe and Lemonade

I picked these two colors because I love anything bright. I used the yellow as base then the gold on my manicure but since I was pressed for time, I forego the yellow color and stick with gold for my pedicure.

still loving my pedicure a week after 

I think my pedicure can last for two weeks. I hope I can say the same thing for my manicure ; ( 

Since I had what they call CNL Express hand, there was no hand soak or scrub involved. This is a straight forward manicure with a little bit of pampering- massage ; ) 

nail cutter

My nails are square shaped. It was trimmed to proportioned length.

nail file

I often do my manicure myself and I rarely file my nails. My nails definitely need a filing.

cuticle remover

For me, removing cuticles is a no- no. I told the manicurist to do away with it but maybe she was used to doing it so I just let her do what she has to do.

hand massage

oooh! bright yellow ; )

*group picture; nail polish chart on the foreground

I think the nail dryer in the photo was the culprit for my manicure bubbles ; (

bubbles on my ORLY Luxe nail polish

I took off the nail polish on the third day because I couldn't stand the bubbles. Next time, I know not to use the nail dryer. The nail salon owner, Michelle, offered to to do my nails again when she learned what happened to my manicure but I became busy the rest of the week. Sad, because the color is so nice pa naman ; ( So nice that I went to an ORLY stall to ask if they have the same nail color, that's when I learned that it's no longer available as it was part of the limited edition line that they came up with in the past.

Cozy Nail Lounge Octoberfest + Free Bath & Body Works Anti- Bacterial Hand Gel
Cocktail Collection

Before I end my post, Cozy Nail Lounge has an upcoming promo that starts this September called Octoberfest. It offers free Bath & Body Works Anti- Bacterial Hand Gel for you and your friend if you both avail of their most requested treatment called Mojito.

Overall, the pampering experience was great especially the paraffin treatment. Next time, I should allot more ME time ; p

*photo credit: MyMomFriday