The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Reed Diffuser

I got this reed diffuser from The Body Shop last Christmas. Since I was not home during the holidays, I totally forgot about it. While rummaging through my stuff and looking for a space inside my cabinet to fill it with my recent Korean beauty haul, I saw this huge rectangular box. What better way to make a space than to get the box out of the cabinet and use it, right?

The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Reed Diffuser PhP2095

Here I was one afternoon unboxing The Body Shop's Spiced Vanilla Reed Diffuser. Read after the break for the unboxing.

What's inside?

The box contains:
  • 10 pieces natural rattan reeds
  • a recycled glass bottle

Step 1: remove the seal then pop out the cork

Step 2: Remove the tape that holds the reeds then place it inside the glass bottle

Step 3: Place it in a small area like receiving area or powder room

Ideally, The Body Shop's Reed Diffuser should be placed in a small area. I placed mine in my bathroom. I love the vanilla scent every time I entered the room. Be sure to place it where no children can reach it or adults can bump into it.

The Body Shop's reed diffuser brings a lasting aroma of vanilla with a hint of spice. This reed diffuser comes with Community Fair Trade soya oil.

I think it is on sale in The Body Shop!