The Face Shop Stylist Silky Hair Color Cream in Orange Brown (8O)

An-yŏng-ha-se-yo! I just got back from Korea last January 1st. That explains my lack of posts lol Anyway, this is just the first in a series of Korean entries. 

Hold your breath because after my Red Wine hair craze, I decided to dye my hair yet again with... The Face Shop Stylist Silky Hair Color Cream in Orange Brown!

 The Face Shop Hair Color Cream in Orange Brown (8O) PhP180 (W4400)

You must think I am crazy, right?! Well, I am not ; p I just want to experiment with different hair colors. So, on my 8th day in Korea, I finally succumbed and turned myself into a Korean! Ok, not really, it's just my hair color ; p But you get my point, right? lol

The Face Shop Silky Hair Color Cream pack

What's inside the box:

  1. #1 tube in Orange Brown (8O)
  2. #2 bottle with cream
  3. a pair of gloves
  4. a plastic cape
  5. a Korean instruction manual

8O Orange Brown top cover

When I bought this box, I asked the sales person why there was no conditioner included. I found out soon enough that this is unlike any other hair color that I have used in the past.

Read on...

Step 1: Squeeze the entire content of tube #1 into bottle #2 provided

 do not mix just yet until you completely emptied the tube

Step 2: Give it a shake until the entire bottle content turns orange

Step 3: Unscrew bottle cap

Step 4: Part and section your hair preferably start at the bottom then work your way to the top

Step 5: Squeeze a generous amount of creamy mixture on each section of your hair

Step 5: Comb the mixture through your hair

Since I can't see the back of my hair, I needed help. This is the moment when having DH always by my side becomes handy lol With his helping hand, the result is even hair color!

By the way, you need to apply the cream as fast as you can because the hair tends to clump and becomes unmanageable *hard to comb* at one point.

Step 6: Wait for 30 minutes

Step 7: Since no other product was provided, I used the hotel shampoo and conditioner 

I am happy that once my hair was shampooed and conditioned, it was silky soft! Methinks that's why The Face Shop did not include a special conditioner in the box.

final result: Orange Brown hair

Warning: For the first two to three days, my hair bled ORANGE! I read somewhere that bathing with hot/ warm water is the culprit. So far, I love my new hair color. My next agenda is to have my hair cut.... short!