Winter in Korea Travel Essentials

Your Korean visa was already approved! What to do next? Shopping, of course! Traveling to Korea in December means it's winter season over there. Good thing, DH is used to winter season having lived in Canada for several years. He knows what to bring e.g. travel essentials. We shopped a few days before we left for Korea. 

I want to share with you the items that saved my dear life from the winter cold. Think  negative 15 degree celsius! 

Note that some of the items pictured here were bought in Korea. Nothing beats Korean products, it's inexpensive and stylish! I <3! 

bonnets, hat & earmuffs

DH shopped for his bonnet in Bench. I bought a bonnet and a hat in Korea for PhP1, 040 (W26, 000). The earmuffs, I got it for only PhP400 (W10, 000).

 set of thermals

We got some of our thermals from Marks & Spencers. The pink one in the photo is a generic brand though.

Bossini wind proof jacket

 coat & jackets

You can never have too many jackets when you are in Korea during winter time. In one instance, I got really cold while walking out from a mall that I used the newly bought jacket of DH and put it over my own jacket. I removed the tag, of course! DH said I looked like a homeless person but at that moment I don't care about fashion anymore ; p

Nivea & Carmex lip balm

I wrote in my previous entry that I will be bringing Nivea Natural Volume with me on my trip and that's what I did. I also brought an extra Carmex lip balm just in case. DH suffered from a terrible chapped lips when we went skiing on our second day. I gave him Carmex and it was all good ; ) Carmex delivers! 


DH got his scarf (in stripes) from Marks & Spencers while I got mine in Korea. I paid PhP400 (W10, 000) for the Beige scarf and Maroon scarf for PhP520 (W13, 000).

 pair of gloves and thick socks

DH got his pair of gloves from Marks & Spencers. The pair of socks was from Burlington, if I remember it right. 

With everything on hand, let's talk about saving suitcase space. 

suitcase full of clothes

I pack our suitcases every time and I roll every single clothes to save space. I forgot to take a photo prior to our flight to Korea so the photo above is a suitcase full of used clothing---> explains why the clothes were rolled wrong side up so I know which ones have not been used ; p

we always bring with us a back up suitcase just in case we shop too much lol

DH's idea- fit one smaller suitcase in a larger one just in case we needed a back up. For this recent trip, we didn't need one because we I purchased only small items *makeup* that can easily fit inside the rolled clothing. I was not able to shop for clothes ; ( My last minute shopping was just a pair of shoes and you guess it right, more makeup ; p

Thanks to these travel essentials, I survived winter in Korea! Now that you have read this, you can survive it too!