Cookin' Nanta Since 1997

My visit: December 26, 2011

Day 4

Nanta- Hong Dae
Yellow Stone Bldg.,
B2 & B3, 357-5
Seokyo- Dong, Mapo- Gu
Seoul, Korea
02- 7398288
064- 7238878 (Jeju Nanta Theater)

Everyday including Holidays
2pm (Myeongdong only), 5pm, 8pm 

After Everland, we travelled to Hong Dae to catch the 5pm Cookin' Nanta show. It is a non verbal performance presented through rhythm and beats using everyday tools found in the kitchen like knives, pots and pans. Audience participation is highly appreciated. 

Cookin' Nanta non verbal performance

People, young and old, can relate to the story line no wonder it is visited by tourists all over the world. I am now part of the 7, 000, 000 people around the world who has seen this show since its first performance in October 10, 1997.

cast of characters, me... not included!

We were given seats in the front row (A-12) and center (W50, 000- S), you might think that's all good, right? But loud beats and music doesn't appeal much to me. For me, it's a little bit too loud bordering to noisy. Another thing, slapstick comedy is not for me either. If not for the latter part of the performance where the audience were divided into two groups, I would not have enjoyed the show.

Yellow cast members

As with any other theater performances, there were several groups of performers. We caught the Yellow group. The Head Chef (Gochanghwan) gave a rousing performance and worked the crowd really well. He was actually very funny and the only one that was able to make me laugh. 


Picture taking is not allowed for the duration of the performance. You can read the synopsis here. For ticketing, visit here

The next day, we visited Changdeok Palace and Kimchi School.