Korea Chronicle: Day 1

My visit: December 23, 2011

Korea bound via Korean Air KE 624
Departure: 12:30am (Manila time)
Arrival: 5:05 am (Korea time; Manila time 4:05a.m.)

I was sleepy sleeping the entire flight so I can't give you a comprehensive review about Korean Air. As far as I can remember, when I woke up a few minutes before landing, a stewardess was already by my side asking what meal do I want to eat. The staff were all efficient and worked their way around sleeping passengers like me. It was not a full flight so DH and I were able to transfer to vacant seats. I was all stretched out on all three seats. It's like sleeping first class style lol

Moving on, we booked this tour through a travel agent only a few weeks back before the scheduled departure date. RUSH- that's how DH & I always travel ; p You know that if you have been a follower of this blog. Remember my Taiwan adventure last December 2010? Or our Hong Kong trip last July 2011 where I bought my very first LV? I was not even supposed to be in Korea, DH and I were supposed to go to Canada along with the rest of his family hehe 

this is Nami Island, Korea during winter

After meeting up with our Korean tour guide at the Incheon International Airport, we went straight to Nami Island. 

Nami Island is named after a controversial personality in Korea, General Nami (1441-1468). It is where his tomb lies. He started his military career at the very young age of 17. At the age of 25, he was officially honored as a Merit Subject and was given the title of Minister of National Defense. Unfortunately King Sejo, General Nami's great patron, died. King Yejong, the new ruler, falsely denounced General Nami as a traitor and was executed together with his mother and his faithful retainers.  In 1818, during King Sunjo's reign, his official positions were restored after the revelation that false evidence was used against him. He was give a posthumous name "Chung-mu".

at Incheon International Airport 

Btw, I am glad to report that I was able to access NAIA 1's wifi before boarding the plane  to Korea ; p Pardon the no-sleep-look because I only have 3 hours of sleep when that photo was taken. Only KFC and McDonald's were open at Incheon International Airport. DH grabbed a coffee while I had a hot chocolate from McDonald's. 

our mini bus for the duration of our tour

We booked a 6 day/ 5 night tour for $1388 (per person) + $176 Korean Air tax (per person) via Multi Destinations Inc. Travel & Tours (5268451 to 55). We extended our stay for another 5 day/ 4 night free and easy in Seoul, Korea.

We only have a small group. We travelled with a family of 6 plus the two of us. Including the bus driver and the Korean guide, we were only 10 in a 24 seater bus. I have the entire last row for myself where I slept for the duration of the long trips (3-4 hour bus ride) around Korea. The road was bumpy but I was in la- la land before you can count to 5 ; p

Nami Zip-wire

We were one of the first visitors of Nami Island. I saw this tall structure as soon as I alighted from the bus. 

I was trying to create a fog with my breath

It was really cold. I was dreading our ski trip the next day.

thank God for bonfire!

Naminara Republic entry visa

Prices are W10, 000 (adult), W8, 000 and W4, 000 (kid). The entrance along with the boat ride to the island was already included with the tour fee. 


entrance to River Line

ray of sun on my face

cold water

writing a love note lol

foggy day

this sign made me miss the revelry back home

Poem by General Nami

what was left of a supposedly fountain

Below are a series of photographs featuring DH and I in our cutest Korean poses ever hehehe

 that wild ostrich bit DH hahaha

look who is manning the Information Center... don't look at me ; p

 this is definitely not us lol

 I <3 this photo, thanks DH

 posing like a true Canadian

my cam fell out in one of the jump shots we took... waaah!

catch me I'm falling!

fashion pose pa din maski winter lol

bonnet: Tiangge in Greenhills
eyeglasses: Transitions lenses
scarf: Terranova
Jacket: Mango
gloves: borrowed lol
jeans: Jag
boots: Taiwan

I looked like I have makeup on but I don't hahaha

never miss this spot!

Winter Sonata lang naman ang aming peg in the following photos lol


 Winter Sonata background

I am not a Koreanovela fan so I was not able to watch Winter Sonata. I do't ave any idea what it was all about hahaha

The beauty of Nami Island as captured by DH & I.

this photo reminded me of Central Park, NYC

oh, look, squirrel!!!

 pretending to feed the squirrel lol

another couple shot

It was a good thing that our guide took us to Nami Island straight from the airport. We boarded the first boat that day. DH and I were able to shoot photographs without too many people in the background. When we were leaving, I saw a lot of tour buses coming in. I would advise that you do the same, come in early around 9 a.m. to capture the beauty of Nami Island without distraction. 

That's just half day of Day 1 in Korea, 9 days more to go! 
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