Korean Restaurant in Nami Island & Ski Rental

My visit: December 23, 2011

Day 1 

Nami Island

Our Day 1 on tour includes lunch and dinner only. We spent half a day around Nami Island where we ate an early lunch around 11a.m.

Korean restaurant

I noticed that most of the restaurants in Korea have no English sign available like this one.  I was so excited to try my first authentic Korea feast and I was not disappointed. 

Banchan (Korean side dishes)

The small side dishes that completes a Korean meal is called banchan. Sometimes spelled as Panchan, it is served for everyone to share. On our table were bean sprout with sesame oil and kimchi. The other stuff that you see like the garlic, ssamgjang- a wrapping sauce and lettuce are all part of bulgogi that our tour guide ordered for us.

Bulgogi means fire meat because it is cooked over an open flame ; It consists of marinated beef, pork or chicken barbecue
Ssam means wrapped
Jang means paste or thick sauce


chef of the day

first bite of bulgogi

We were very full and satisfied with our tasty lunch! But that did not stop us from eating other food that we saw whenever our bus stops for bathroom break. Below are some of the food we ate.

DH eating a W2, 000 sticky corn

soft served ice cream

W3, 000 Manjoora custard cream bread

After our Nami Island tour, we traveled for a few more hours to our ski resort where we  stayed overnight. On our way, we rented ski gear and outfit for $50 per person. The guide told us that it was cheaper to rent ski equipment outside the resort. I don't have enough time to ask for the resort's rate because we only have half a day to spend for skiing.

 fill them up!

 I guess this is Rudolph Ski Equipment Rental in Korea lol

DH rented 1 of these.... feeling professional lol

heater behind me

fitting our ski gear

restaurant where we had our dinner at 5:30pm

Korean beef stew

For dinner, we ate at a restaurant close to High1 Resort. We had unlimited beef stew this time. Two hot wok with lots of beef and vegetables were set up in front of us. It is best to have hot soup during winter!

set of banchan

I finished 2 small plates of bean curd while DH asked for more seaweed. The next day, we went back to this restaurant for lunch and yes, I had 2 more small plates of bean curd ; p

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