New find: Casa Roces Malacañan

My visit: November 29, 2011

1153 J.P. Laurel St. cor.
Aguado St., San Miguel, Manila
7355896   7084020

Casa Roces is an ancestral house-turned-restaurant by the Roces clan. It is operated by The Cravings Group and is situated near Malacañan Palace. 

oven baked salmon welling PhP380

Our friend, JSY, suggested this restaurant and I immediately said yes. I was hoping for a very satisfying dinner with good friends.

Traveling from Quezon City to Manila was a breeze. DH and I were ahead of everyone else. Most of our friends were late because of the horrible holiday traffic. Anyway, we ordered our drinks and a salad while waiting for the others to arrive.

Photo shown was my order- over baked salmon welling. Mashed potato and a few pieces of asparagus were included in my order as side dishes. It was like eating a pie. It was already sliced into half, it's perfect if you are sharing this with a friend.


I was playing with my Canon Ixus 860 camera feature when I took this photo. I accidentally discovered this feature called Color Accent while in another event

sago't gulaman PhP80; dalandan juice PhP155

I ordered a traditional Filipino drink called sago't gulaman but I could not finish it because it was to sweet. I think I mixed the drink with more or less half a glass of water. Dalandan juice was DH's order.

crispy lengua caesar salad PhP145

Ok, I still couldn't believe I ate lengua that night. I never tasted lengua before until then. It was crispy so I tried to think that it was just a regular pork. I even get to eat the last piece lol

bouillabaisse de la Casa Roces PhP145

marinated artichoke PhP160

The serving was small so we ordered a second salad. 

lengua mushroom- cognac sauce PhP330

As if DH could not get enough of lengua, he ordered it as his main entree. I balked when I saw his plate. The lengua really looked and shaped like a tongue.... waaaah! I didn't know how DH could have eaten it. 

Below are some of the food and desserts shared by everyone on our table.

pork stew binagoongan PhP265

malacanang frozen souffle PhP380

ginataang halo halo PhP95

If ever I would go back, I would order their ginataang halo halo again. 

turon ala mode PhP125

crepe suzette ala mode PhP265

For first timers, do not expect much from this restaurant like I did. The menu was limited. Price wise, prepare at least PhP500 per person if you want a juice and dessert to go with your meal. The food was ok but nothing special but I would still recommend it for you to try at least once even just for the ambiance. In fact, my friend who booked this restaurant went back several times already. The waiters were all attentive and efficient. I say, why not give it a try?!