Summer Hair 2012... A New Me!

Last Thursday, DH accompanied me to the salon so I can have my hair cut. I have been sporting long and sexy curls since I started this blog in 2008. I figured what have I got to lose, right? If I didn't like my hair short, I will just have to wait for it to grow back or buy a wig or what they now call "hair extensions" lol

 no, I am not suffering from a bad break up ; p

I went back to Bang's Tony & Jackey in Tomas Morato and asked for Anna- senior stylist. She already trimmed my hair before so I know I am in good hands. I noticed the look on her face when I asked her to cut my hair short. I asked her "Round face?" She replied with a resounding "Yes!" She proceeded by inspecting my hair and said "Not too short... long here, shorter here!"

Intrigued by what she means? Read after the break for the result...

with Anna expert hands, I closed my eyes

The mirror actually doubles as a computer monitor. DH and I were frantically searching online for Jinkee Pacquiao's allegedly photoshopped Mega Magazine cover. I want to use it as my peg ; p

precision cut

I hope they donate my locks

afraid to look

self portrait

right profile

left profile


my new do!

I didn't want to post my hair cut photos until after my family have seen it. My dad was shocked at how short it was. My mom loved it! When my sister saw me last Sunday, she gushed "KC!" In my attempt to copy Jinkee's hair, I ended up having KC's hair lol I failed in the peg department ; p As for me, I am embracing my short hair. I <3 it!

A lot of girls would cut their hair after a bad break up, I cut my hair because I wanted a new hair style in time for summer 2012! Next attempt... Emma Watson! lol