White Christmas in High1 Resort Korea

My visit: December 23-24, 2011

Gohanri 1- 139, Gohaneup, Jeongseongun
Kangwon- do, Korea

The photo below was taken behind the window inside our hotel- High1 Resort Korea. Even then I was already in awe at the grandeur of mountain scenery. It was taken around 6pm. The snow partially covered the mountain. I am so excited because this is my first ever white Christmas!!!

serene view

I can't wait to see what's in store for us the next day. Our guide gave us the next day's weather forecast- snowy! It's what we wanted because it is perfect for skiing! Woo hoo!

While waiting for our guide to check us in, DH and I took the following photos...

 beside the Christmas tree by the entrance of the hotel

Christmas trees in various sizes were the centerpieces of this hotel. Christmas songs were continuously playing throughout the night. I could hear it even if I was already inside our room.


The reception is found on the left side of the hotel.

rounded end adapter

When I found out that the electrical sockets were different from what we have, I had to make a deposit of W10, 000 for an electric adapter. The deposit was refunded the next day upon returning of the adapter.

I took this shot

and DH took this

DH and I took these shots simultaneously lol

cute mascot

In my entire stay in Korea, I just realized that Koreans are so fond of mascots. I even saw a mascot out on the street dancing in the cold winter night.

this photo was taken early in the morning the very next day

our twin room

I was disappointed to see our bed. I am not used to sleeping alone in bed. DH was supposed to rearrange it together side by side but he was too tired. He was already asleep after we unpacked our things. Great first night, huh?

coffee table set

The room was quite small. I can only walk sideways in between the bed and the coffee table. 

opposite view of the room

LCD TV, writing desk & electric kettle

There is a free use of the internet (LAN/ wifi) inside the room.

2 bathrobes & toiletries

stairs leading down to the dining area

American breakfast

American breakfast was served on our table. Juice and coffee were provided too.

isn't it nice?

The snow is quite nice to look at but it can be darn slippery at times. 

this was taken right outside the dining area of the hotel

back of the hotel where the dining area is

This is the area where we shot our Christmas Greeeting video.

shoes covered with snow

nah... he is not cold!

blowing snow right at you!


photos taken by DH

Our tour guide gave us a few minutes to take some photos and then off we went to ski! The next Korea entry is all about skiing ; )