Charlie Brown Cafe Korea

My visit: December 31, 2011

Day 9 (4th day DIY Seoul Tour)

Charlie Brown Cafe Korea
Hongik University,
Hongdae, Korea

You would think that after eating several cakes at Hello Kitty Cafe, we would proceed to Myeongdong to have our money exchanged, right? No, instead we went looking for another famous cafe in Hongdae- Charlie Brown Cafe ; p

I <3 you, Charlie Brown!

You would not miss this cafe because it has several character standees (I don't know the right term, heeelp!) outside like in the photo above. Cute, huh?

These characters are almost the same height as me ; p

DH mimicking Linus

Peanuts character by Charles M. Schulz

The photo above was also taken outside of the cafe. Since it was still holiday season, the drawing depicts the celebration of Christmas with gifts, caroling and of course, Christmas Tree.

photo taken in front of Charlie Brown Cafe with Linus

Trivia---> What does Charlie Brown and DH have in common? 
They both have big ears lol

inside the dimly-lit cafe

I saw several cakes patterns just like the one I found in Hello Kitty Cafe but Charlie Brown and Snoopy were on it instead. I guess these cafes have one and the same supplier. 

Charlie Brown's Gorgonzola Pizza W5, 500 (PhP 220) 

We ordered Gongonzola pizza- a rich, strong- flavored Italian cheese pizza with honey and almond shavings on top ; p Perfect ending of our coffee shop tour.

Charlie Brown Cafe was not as crowded as Hello Kitty Cafe. While most guests in Hello Kitty Cafe are girls, the diners here are mostly composed of families and group of kids.

nice light fixture

I wouldn't miss a photo- op with Snoopy

and Lucy too!

Snoopy gone fishing

My next Korean posts will be all about my compilation of different coffee shops around Seoul, funny signs and their Metro System- Korail.

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