Korea Chronicle: Myeongdong

My visit: December 30, 2011

Day 8 (3rd day DIY Seoul Tour)

Seoul, Korea

A few days before, I was disappointed when we visited Dongdaemun with our tour group as part of our itinerary. It is much like an open air market place. The place is huge, there is one area that sold meat, an alley that sold cameras and another that sold dry goods. During winter, you can't possibly stay outdoors long enough without getting chills. Needless to say, during our DIY tour, we never went back ; p We choose to visit Myeongdong instead.

at Myeongdong eating chestnuts

Myeongdong is big too. Sure, some wares are also peddled on the streets but at least here, you can go inside a department store or in my case beauty stores whenever I felt shivers because of the cold.


street shopping along Myeongdong

DH with our ever reliable shopping trolley

I highly recommend getting yourself a sturdy trolley whenever you go shopping abroad. That way, you never put any weight from all the goods that you bought on your shoulders or even your hands. 

DH bought this trolley from Elle in Shanghai, China when he attended an expo a few years back. It has travelled with us to Hong Kong, Taiwan and now Korea. 

maroon scarf & brown cap bought in Myeongdong

brown cap bought in Korea for PhP520 (W13, 000)
maroon scarf for PhP520 (W13, 000)

Nature Republic stand alone shop

It is not unusual to see beauty stores as huge as the photo pictured above. Every alley that you turn to has all the brands like Etude House, The Face SHop, Holika Holika, Skin Food, Aritaum and Nature Republic to name a few. 

mascot to attract shoppers

Some stores have a mascot to entice you to enter the beauty shop. Some gave free samples of facial mask just so you can take a "peek" inside their shop. They would even say no purchase necessary. What did I do? I took every sample ; p You know what happened next lol Our Elle bag got heavier and heavier after each and every shop I entered lol

fish sticks?!

I can't remember what it is but it was delicious and inexpensive too---> Ok, it's a street food lol

Oh, Mario of Mario Bros.! Where is Luigi?

crazy DH

Mario just stood still! It was good that he didn't jump at DH hahaha

this mascot is very dirty

I caught it lying on the floor and at times dancing like there's no tomorrow!

menu board

Basically, these are just noodles or pork. With pork, you can choose for a small or the big plate. 

hungry me

We ate in a restaurant that has a long waiting line. We figured, it must served good food hehehe It didn't disappoint with its specialty noodles.

seafood noodle W5, 500 (PhP220)

taste like sweet & sour pork (small plate) W9, 000 (PhP360)

This is by far the cheapest meal we had. Don't get me wrong it was very filling. This is a Chinese restaurant. Waiters and waitresses can speak Mandarin. Actually, some stores' personnel know how to speak Mandarin. So, for people like me who knows how to speak Mandarin, it's an advantage!

One more thing, DONG-A Tour Money Exchange (02-7746100/ 070-76426100) has the highest exchange rate in the area.

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