Adobo Connection in Robinsons Magnolia

August 16,  2012

Adobo Connection
Food court, Lower Ground Floor
Robinsons Magnolia

I admit, since Robinsons Magnolia opened, I visited it almost every other day ; p I know some people who go there almost every day, making it their second home lol

Not all boutiques are open but most of the restaurants are fully operational. With shopping out of the question, I focus on food. My first food trip was on a Tuesday night in Magnolia Flavor House with my good friend AC. By Thursday, I was back with my parents. We were tossing between Pepper Lunch and Adobo Connection. The later won because we saw a long line of people which might be a good indication of good food to come.

 Kuya's Fried Mixed Adobo PhP 119

Adobo Connection offers home-cooked adobo in not just one but several variations. To distinguished one from the other, the company added family members' name such as Mama and Kuya on items found on the menu. 

Kuya's Fried Mixed Adobo is a mix of chicken and pork adobo. It takes a lot of getting used to because I like my adobo with sauce ; p Both my mom and I liked the toasted garlic sprinkled on top.

 Adobo Flakes PhP 99

Adobo Flakes is shredded pork adobo with egg on top. This dish reminds me of corned beef ; p This is my favorite among the three dishes.

 Fried Adobo Paos PhP 49

For only PhP 49, you get 3 buns in one order. It is definitely very filling and a must order for merienda on a budget ; p Don't forget to eat it while it is still warm.

Mama's Traditional Chicken Adobo PhP 89

Mama's Traditional Chicken Adobo has adobo sauce that I am craving for. The chicken was not as tender as I hoped for. Maybe Bounty chicken was not used ; p

I love to give Adobo Connection's dessert a try! I am curious how flan turon (PhP 29) would taste like. Except for Fried Adobo Paos, I forgot to tell you that Mama's Traditional Chicken Adobo, Adobo Flakes & Kuya's Fried Mixed Adobo are all part of Kanin All U Can! meals.

Overall, this restaurant is worth a try. Adobo Connection definitely gave the Filipino classic adobo a twist!

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