Ramen Bar in Robinsons Magnolia

September 7, 2012

Ramen Bar
Level 3, Robinsons Magnolia
Aurora Blvd. cor Dona Hemady Ave.,
Quezon City

DH and I used to watch movies in Trinoma, Quezon City or Araneta Center in Cubao. Now that Robinsons Magnolia opened 4 spanking new cinemas with stadium seating to boot, we have switched our alliance ; p We already watched 2 movies - Expendables 2 and just last Friday, The Possession. Sad, we didn't get to watch Total Recall because it was pulled out after a week. I can't wait to watch The Mistress though ; p

Anyway, after buying two 7:25 pm movie tickets, DH and I deliberated on where to eat. We already ate in Buffet 101 several times. Unless the management has improved the service (think long waiting time), I am staying away from Yabu, I don't like the smell of fast food on my clothes so we didn't eat in Adobo Connection. We ended up in Ramen Bar where the staff were efficient and the service was great and best of all, the food is totally worth our money!

 Yakiniku Beef Rice Big Plate PhP 165

Since we were going to watch a movie, I left my camera in our car. I had to get it because I wanted to take some photos of the food we ordered. I left just right after the waitress took our order and when I came back, all our orders were already on our table. That's like 5 minutes, tops!

This is my bowl of Yakiniku beef rice - a generous serving of shredded beef and sweet onion with leeks and sesame seeds on top of Japanese rice. Hmm, I love it! The consistency of the beef improved tremendously from the last time. It was tender and easier to chew.

 R.B.S.#1 PhP 380

I remembered my parents were raving about R.B.S. #1 so I recommended it to DH. He is so hard to please when it comes to food in general but he liked it! In fact, he was able to finish the entire bowl in less than 15 minutes. I only get to taste one spoonful of soup and two thinly sliced Naruto (fish sticks) and that's it ; p

R.B.S. #1 is soy-infused Tonkatsu Ramen topped with tamago, naruto, nori, negi, chasyu and kakuni

Kakuni Buns PhP 180

Kakuni means braised pork belly. You can choose from spicy or regular Kakuni Buns. Ramen Bar's menu is flexible, the waitress lets us combine spicy and regular Kakuni buns in one order... yey!

Spicy / Kakuni Buns fall under Small Plates or appetizers. One bun contains a slice of braised pork belly. For regular Kakuni Buns, Japanese mayo and special soy dressing are spread on top of the braised pork belly. Spicy Kakuni Buns' dressing taste like ssamjang (mixed soybean with chili pepper). It was not as spicy as expected, but tasted good nonetheless.

We were in and out of this restaurant in 30 minutes.  Even with a "Soft Opening" sign, Ramen Bar is on top of the game!

For dessert, you might want to check out, Magnolia Flavor House but be prepared to patiently wait for your order ; p Maybe the dessert house should learn a thing or two from Ramen Bar lol

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