Robinsons Magnolia: The French Baker

August 27, 2012

The French Baker
Robisons Magnolia
Aurora Blvd., New Manila
Quezon City

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Last Monday, after eating Korean Barbecue over at my house, my family and I went to Robinsons Magnolia for an afternoon coffee. Since Starbucks is not yet open, we picked The French Baker.

clubhouse sandwich with barbecue chips PhP 190

Ok, we had a light snack too ; p We shared an order of  clubhouse sandwich. A set includes 4 triangle-shaped sandwiches, barbecued potato chips and a vegetable side salad. I can't get enough of these crunchy potato chips, I think I ate almost half of it ; p The side salad dressing is light and appealing to my taste.

 brewed coffee PhP 65

My mom and sis each ordered a cup of brewed coffee. The coffee was served in a ceramic tray together with a matchbox-sized brownies and a sealed coffee creamer.

lemon iced tea (0.5 caraffe) PhP 69

My dad and I shared half a liter (0.5 caraffe) of lemon iced tea. I love The French Bakers' iced tea. It's like drinking Wendy's iced tea ; p

barbecued potato chips

The potatoes look crunchy even in the photo, right?

vegetable side salad

In my opinion, an order of clubhouse sandwich is totally worth your money! Only fresh vegetables were used, not one wilted vegetable in sight ; p The sandwich is very filling, it has egg, ham, cheese, lettuce & tomatoes.

The service was fast and efficient. My only beef about the this restaurant is the order system. A waitress will come to your table to take your order but then you still have to fall in line to pay first at the cash register. This restaurant gives senior citizen discount. No service charge was included in the bill.

There are many other restaurants found in Robinsons Magnolia. Some have not opened yet. I will try my best to eat in each and every restaurant so I can share my food reviews with you.

Robinsons Magnolia restaurants I have reviewed in the past were Buffet 101, Adobo Connection and Magnolia Flavor House.

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