Discover Kinosaki: Shinonomesou Ryokan + 7 Onsen

December 31, 2012

Shinonomesou Ryokan (Inn)
78 Yushima, Kinosaki-cho
Toyooka City, Hyogo

Overnight Stay with 2 meals (breakfast and dinner with Kanisuki) - JPY 18,900 +/pax (PhP 9,450)
Paid a total of JPY 38,480* (PhP 19,240) for two pax
*Hot spring Tax (adults) JPY 150/pax (PhP 75)
*Bath Admission JPY 190/pax (PhP75)
*includes entrance to 7 other hot spring resorts

We made a reservation four days before our trip so basically, the decision to book an overnight stay in a ryokan was kinda impulsive. The inn did not ask for any deposit just like the hotel where we stayed in Osaka (Remm Shin-Osaka).

Shinonomesou Ryokan on right

When you go to Kinosaki, make sure to book a traditional style inn like Shinonomesou where you can stay and live like locals. 

You can also book an overnight stay with no meals included for JPY 6,300/pax (PhP 3,150) or an overnight stay with two meals (lunch and dinner) for only JPY 12,60. Ours is a bit expensive per person because we opted to have Kanisuki for dinner which I will blog about in my next post.

Read more after the break to find out how you can enjoy Japanese Bath...

 Shinonomesou Ryokan facade

It was starting to snow when we arrived. Thank God for my furry coat and the umbrella we borrowed from the ryokan we were staying in.

 remove shoes and change into slippers provided

Upon entering, we removed our shoes and put on the slippers provided instead. We have to change our foot wear into rain boots when we need to go out though because it's snowing. And because it was snowing, we were not able to try and use geta*.

*Geta is a traditional wooden Japanese footwear like clogs


 reception area 

I was already in Yukata* because this photo was taken when we were about to visit the 7 onsen or public baths. 

*Yukata is a casual cotton kimono

 souvenir shop on the side

cute decor on our way to our room on the ground floor

 I spy Yakult vending machine in the dining area

 look KOI fishes

 stairs leading to the second floor

Our room was the door to your left.


When you enter our room, you will find a toilet on the left side. Separate slippers for the toilet is provided. No bathroom. You are expected to take a bath in the onsen that you have visited.

 sink found also on your left when you enter

 personal ref on your right

 finally the door to our room

 view of our room from the door

view from the other side

 hanger and yukata

 room key, air conditioner remote control, warm facial towel, cookies and hot tea provided

 our passes for onsen baths

 ready to visit the 7 onsen in kinosaki

 Welcome to Kinosaki!

Onsen #1 Ichi no Yu Spa

If you are not booked in one of the ryokan, here is the admission fee:

  • Adult JPY 600 (PhP 300)
  • Children JPY 300 (PhP 150)
Opens from 7 am to 11 pm
Accepting last guest at 10:40 pm

Onsen #2 Gosho no Yu Spa

Gosho no Yu is the newest and the most expensive onsen. Do not forget to check out the outdoor public bath.

 DH and I

How to enjoy Japanese Bath:

  1. Rinse
  2. Relax in indoor or outdoor public bath
  3. Scrub with soap after
  4. Enjoy another good soak 

 Gosho no Yu Spa 

Public bath etiquette:
  1. Do not put your hand towel in the bath water
  2. Do not jump in or swim in the bath
  3. Washing of clothes is not allowed
  4. Do not bring food and drink into the bath

 walking towards the third onsen

Remember not to wear your underwear when in the bathtub. Do not forget to rinse off all soapsuds before entering the tub.

 Onsen #3 Mandara Yu Spa

 Mandara Yu Spa

Onsen #4 Kou no Yu Spa

Kou no Yu Spa is the oldest onsen in the area. 

 rosy cheeks from heat inside the public bath

It was already 6 pm when we visited the 5th onsen called Yanagi Yu Spa. By the time we were through, we were already very hungry. We still have two more bath houses to visit but that will be reserved for my next entry!

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Discover a town called Kinosaki and its 7 onsen.

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