Shin-Osaka Station: Juicer Bar & Gourmet Street (Ajino Kouji)

Day 2

December 29, 2012

Shin-Osaka Station

After touring Kyoto, we boarded the train (JR Kyoto Line for Osaka/Sannomiya) back to Shin-Osaka Station. It's a 30-minute train ride. It was already 8pm when we finally reached our destination and we were hungry. Right after we exit, we discovered that there is an underground street full of restaurants. It is aptly called Gourmet Street.

Gindara Bento Meal JPY 1,360

After scouring through the restaurants one by one, we went back to a restaurant that we found at the back. It does not have an English name so I will just post a photo of the restaurant after the break.

Juicer Bar

On our way to Gourmet Street, we passed by Juicer Bar. Who can resist the strawberry photo on the board? I know I can't. Pikit mata ko ng binayaran hahahaha

I ordered Momoichigo Strawberry Milk Small JPY 250 (PhP125). Also available in Medium JPY 350 (PHP 175) and Large JPY 400 (PhP 200). DH ordered a Small cup of Raspberry Red Ruby Grape Strawberry for only JPY 220 (PhP 110). Also available in Medium JPY 300 (PhP 150) and Large JPY 350 (PhP 175) cup.

Strawberry is pretty expensive in Japan.

Gourmet Street Ajino Kouji

The photo was taken on our way down to Gourmet Street.

the restaurant where we ate on our second night

A closer look at DH's order.

Gindara, Tamago and the best dilis I have ever tasted ; )

also included are slices of sashimi
Unagi JPY 1,200 (PhP 600)

The best JPY 1,200 I have ever spent ; p I love unagi, I am craving for one as I write this entry hehe

Beard Papa

On our way back to our hotel, we passed by Beard Papa known as the "World's Best Cream Puffs. We bought two kinds of cream puffs- Classic Two Layer Puff JPY 147 (PhP 73.50) and Cookie Crunch Puff JPY 170 (PhP 85). Price is quoted as per piece.


Since I can't resist Takoyaki, we also bought an order from this stall ; ) It is located near our hotel. We went home tired but our stomachs were full.

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